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Can You Use Mascara Over Strip Lashes?-Glance Cosmetics

Can You Use Mascara Over Strip Lashes?

We’ve often had queries asking if women can use mascara over our lash products. Of course, you can!  Topping off your false eyelashes with mascara is great to add some depth to your eyes and give you a more uniformed, natural look!

We’ve compiled some tips that have worked for us in the past while applying mascara over our temporary lashes and we hope they’ll benefit you too! 

  • Apply Multiple Coats.
  • For the best results, we recommend you to curl your natural lashes first and apply a very thin coat of mascara over them. Just a little, not too much. After which, you can go ahead and stick on your temporary lashes. Once done, go in with the second layer to enhance your eyes. And if you’re looking for a bold look, a third coat will do you no harm!

  • Say No To Clumpy Mascaras!
  • It’s important to use a high quality mascara over your false lashes to help them last for more applications. Make sure your mascara is not old and clumpy which may take away from the final look and make your lashes thicker than they need to be. Another way to tackle clumpy mascara is to always go in with a thin layer of mascara instead of using too much product over your temporary false lashes.

  • Waterproof Mascara Is Not Your Friend. 
  • Not only is waterproof mascara difficult to remove, but can cause your false lashes to flake and clump. If you’re looking to reuse your lashes for a future event, waterproof mascara is a big no-no. We highly recommend limiting the application of waterproof mascara over your false lashes only to special events and not for daily use.

  • Too Much Mascara = Shorter Lash Lifespan
  • Did you know that you can get multiple wears out of each strip of false lash, as long as you maintain them. However, applying too much mascara every time or not washing it off properly after every use can reduce the lifespan of your false lashes. Mascara also makes your lashes heavier, making it a possibility to fall out if there’s too much residue over them from previous applications.

  • Clean Your False Eyelashes After EVERY Use.
  • We can’t emphasize this enough, but it is important to wash off the mascara after every use with a GENTLE Cleanser to make your false eyelashes last for more uses. Apart from cleansers, you can also use cotton swabs with makeup remover or rubbing alcohol to make sure they’re well cleaned.

    Just like any makeup routine, to master false lashes, one may require practice. Now that you know the right way to use mascara over your lashes, you can make your first false lash Purchase and get started on your journey to beautiful, long lashes! Check out our range of High Quality False Lashes.

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