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What Are Human-Hair Fiber Eyelashes?-Glance Cosmetics

What Are Human-Hair Fiber Eyelashes?

Here’s Everything You Need To Know! 

As bold, beautiful lashes become popular, false eyelashes are being made available in various different materials. Silk, Mink, Faux and Synthetic Mink are readily available in the market. But what makes Human Fiber False Lashes the best of them all? Let’s find out. 

False Lashes made of human hair are in fact made out of real human hair, after being sourced from various salons, treated with the necessary hygiene standards and then are transformed into false eyelashes. Human hair has keratin in them which helps give your false lashes a more natural look, making them lighter in weight as compared to false eyelashes made of silk or mink.

Here’s Why False Eyelashes made of Human Hair are considered the BEST in the market:

  • Handcrafted from 100% keratin, these lashes create an extra unique look when applied.
  • False Lashes made of human hair are considered to be the most durable lashes as they can last for up to 15 applications if maintained properly.
  • False Lashes made from human hair have a better grip and can sit on your eyelids for much longer whether you go out partying or a swim.
  • These lashes don’t cause any damage to your natural lashes and are extremely safe to use on a daily basis.
  • They are created without any animal cruelty. 
  • These False Lashes are low maintenance and can be easily added to your daily beauty routine. 
  • They are priced fairly for the quality that they offer, making it an affordable expense on premium beauty.

At Glance Cosmetics, we make sure to use Human Hair for all our False Eyelashes to give you a premium product that you will fall in love with. Shop our 100% Vegan False Eyelashes, made from ethically sourced human hair.

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