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A Guide To Help You Pick False Eyelashes As Per Your Eye Shape-Glance Cosmetics

A Guide To Help You Pick False Eyelashes As Per Your Eye Shape

False lashes have the power to magically enhance your look and make heads turn along the way. But, if you're not wearing a pair of False Eyelashes that suit your eye shape, you're not making the best use of them!

Here's your guide to choosing False Eyelashes like a PRO!

#1 False Lashes for Rounder Eyes

False Lashes that provide natural length and volume which helps enhance your round eyes are a great option for you. The more dramatic lashes you pick, the better. Try our Capricious False Lashes, a product that will perfectly fit and suit your eye shape! 

#2 False Lashes for Almond-Shaped Eyes

Girls with Almond Shaped Eyes can go for voluminous False Lashes that will end up looking super gorgeous on them! Similar to women with rounder lashes, this eye shape will do best with long, wispy False Lash Extensions, just like our Eye Candy False Lashes

#3 False Lashes for Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes are ones where part of your eyelid folds even when your eyes are open and a pair of natural lash extensions that aren't too light can work like magic for you! Try our Beach Time False Lashes and we bet you won't regret it! 

#4 False Lashes for Monolid Eyes

This eye type is one where no crease on your eyelid is visible and semi-natural-looking lash extensions can look fabulous on you. Check out our Let's Play False Lashes if you're looking for a minimal, natural lift.

#5 False Lashes for Deep Eyes

If your eyes sit slightly further back under your brow bone, you can add all the volume you like to your lashes. If you have deep eyes, we highly recommend you to try "Blink of an Eye" False Lashesthat our customers can never get enough of. Be sure to curl your lashes and add an extra coat of mascara for the ideal look! 

Looking for more lashes to suit your preference and personal style? Click here to get your glam on with Glance Cosmetics.

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