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Here Are 3 Reasons Why We Think False Eyelashes Are Totally Worth It!-Glance Cosmetics

Here Are 3 Reasons Why We Think False Eyelashes Are Totally Worth It!

If you’re searching for a way to look your best at any event, without having to put yourself through a lash lift, lash tint, or even your everyday mascara and eyeliner routine, then  Natural False eyelashes are the way to go.. 

Here are Three Reasons Why we Think you Should Try Our Natural False Eyelashes

#1. Always Feel Camera-Ready

If you’re the kind of person who takes a long time to get ready for even the smallest of events, you’ll definitely benefit from getting yourself some. They make your eyes POP, with or without makeup. No more snapchat filters or long eye-makeup routines to look good in that selfie!

#2. Save your time and money

Imagine this: You have an important event to attend with only a few hours to get ready, and you’re doing your makeup as quickly as possible. Your mascara smudges on your outfit, or worse, ruins your base makeup. Now you have to start all over again. This is something we’ve all gone through, all just to achieve the perfect make-up look that we desire.

 The good news is that this is something that can easily be avoided by  investing in a good pair (or a few good pairs!) of False Lashes, which will help you save the time and money that you’d otherwise be forced to spend on new eye-makeup products that claim to be “smudge-proof”, or something of that sort, but do not give you the desired results. 

After you get your False Eyelashes on, you’ll notice your mascara tubes and eyeliners gathering dust on your vanity table. Rest assured that Glance Cosmetics will help you achieve your desired look with the best False Lashes in the market that are also pocket-friendly. 

No more last-minute anxiety from dried or crumbly eye-makeup products ruining your makeup-look..

#3. 100% Pain-Free 

False Eyelashes have the power to highlight your unique and beautiful facial features, all without putting you through a single moment of pain. 

Yes, you read that right. The process of applying False Lashes can be incredibly relaxing and you will find that it’s so much better than layering a million different mascaras on your lashes, just to get that dramatic look, or using unsuitable mascaras that don’t give you the look you desire.

Still not convinced? 

Here are some more factors that will make you want to gift yourself a pair of Natural False Eyelashes:

  •  Elevate the natural shape of your eyes
  • No matter the shape of your eyes, the right False Lashes can elevate your eyes, simply by adding definition to the basic shape of your eyes. 

    The best part about investing in the right pair of  False Lashes is that it does not require that you have a certain eye-shape for it to look good. You may have almond eyes, monolids, hooded eyelids, deep-set or wide-set eyes, and that’s alright because at Glance Cosmetics, we offer the Best False Lashes for EVERYONE.

  • You will feel ready-to-go, even without makeup
  • All you have to do is carefully apply the False Eyelashes to your lashes as per the instructions, or get it applied by a professional makeup artist. Either way, we guarantee that you’ll be confident to go out and conquer your day, only with the False Lashes of your choice, and your everyday base-makeup routine to complete your look. 

    Even if you prefer not to wear makeup, your False Lashes will keep you looking fabulous all day long. They will help to bring together the natural beauty of your facial features and give you a natural glow. Glance Cosmetics Eyelashes are created with love and suitable for all, from beginners to experts, and we offer False Lashesfor any occasion. 

    In conclusion

    You can say goodbye to long makeup routines that consume a huge chunk of your mornings before going out the door, and spending money on trying different Lash products to achieve your desired look.

    At Glance Cosmetics, we have a variety of Natural False Eyelashes for you to choose from, based on your requirements and preferences. We’ve developed and produced all our False Lashes after carefully considering different eye shapes, lash curlers and lash volumes, and we’re proud to say that we are 100% Vegan! 

    You can find the perfect pair of Luxury, high quality False Eyelashes At Glance Cosmetics.



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