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5 Reasons To Say "YES" to False Lashes-Glance Cosmetics

5 Reasons To Say "YES" to False Lashes

False lash extensions can be a great way to enhance the look of your eyes and add length and definition to your lashes. They can be a great way to add a bit of glamour to your look without the need for mascara or other makeup, especially when you're planning a night out with your friends and family.. 

Listed below are 5 reasons why every girl must own a pair of False Eyelashes

With a good pair of False Eyelashes, your lashes can do all the talking and that can save you ample time and money spent on doing your eye makeup. You won't need a smokey eye which is so hard to get right for eye definition if you can simply put on a pair of premium false lashes. The best thing? At Glance Cosmetics, we have a variety of lash styles to choose from and you can go for ones with heavy volume or lighter, more natural-looking ones as per your look of the day!  

#1. Better than Mascara

 False lashes are a great alternative to layering on mascara. Why? Once you get the hang of putting on false eyelashes, you'll never go back to wearing multiple layers of mascara everyday, which also is not easy to remove.

#2 Lash Extension Makes Your Eyes Look Dreamier

Ever wondered how your favourite celebs have flawless-looking lashes ALL the time? The truth is, they might be wearing False Lashes and you can too. False Lashes make your eyes look younger and your face look more awake when they're on- isn't that great? 

#3 Boosts Your Confidence

While creating a brand that revolves around premiumFalse Lashes, our goal was to create products that can help women accentuate their beauty and in turn, boost their confidence. This is one such product that can help get rid of your insecurities and give your lashes a much-needed lift! 

#4 Easy To Put On

You don't need to take out time for a special Lash Treatment or spend a lot of money on it when you can get premium-quality lashes delivered to your doorstep that are just as good, if not better! Our False Lashes are easy to put on and can be mastered by not just make-up pros but even beginners who can achieve and ace this routine with ease. 

#5 You'll Be Showered With Compliments

If you love to be the centre of attention, be ready to get complimented on your look of the day when you put on our high-quality lash extensions made from human hair fiber. So get ready to be complimented, just as you deserve to be! #GlamOnGirl

In conclusion, False Lashes can help you create a beautiful and natural look that enhances your features. They are designed to look like your own lashes, giving you a fuller, longer look. False Lashes can last long if stored properly and can be a great way to add a little extra drama and glamour to your look. With proper care, you can maintain the beautiful look of your lash extensions and get the most out of every purchase. 

If you're all pumped and ready to order your very first pair of False Lashes, Click here to check out our latest collection.

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