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Three Reasons Why you should be obsessed with False Lashes!-Glance Cosmetics

Three Reasons Why you should be obsessed with False Lashes!

False eyelashes have been around for a long time. There are so many reasons why they’re so loved and widely used in everybody’s makeup routine nowadays, and we’ve come up with this easy-read to show you the reasons why they are so popular.

False Lashes are usually available as individual lashes or as full lash-strips that can be glued along the band of the natural lashes, with adhesives meant for such use. They are very easy to apply, and elevates any makeup look to the next level without making it too obvious, this might be the key factor that made them so popular in the beauty community. 

And that’s not all. 

There are so many reasons that add to the popularity of false eyelashes, some of them being:


If you're looking to show up to that party and stand out from the crowd, go for that full-glam makeover. Glance Cosmetics offer a variety of false lashes that add the perfect amount of glitz and glam, elevating your look to the next level, all without making it obvious, allowing you to dance all night without messing up your look by the end of the night. Glance Cosmetics’ Capricious is one such set of false eyelashes that will push the limits of your eye-look. 

But if you’re the kind of person who loves a very natural, no-makeup makeup look, or just an everyday makeup look, then look no further, because false lashes are just the right makeup product to give you the perfection and finishing that you deserve, which is a much better option than curling your lashes and then applying two-three coats of mascara, which can be time-consuming. 

Trouble Maker is a natural and lengthy set from Glance Cosmetics. Designed as a base lash, you can either use them to elevate your natural eyelashes or you can pair them with other sets to push the limits, if you’re going for a more glamorous look.


We know how absurd it sounds when we say that false eyelashes are better than mascara. What about our beloved cult favorite mascaras? Let us show you some pros and cons of some of the most popular mascaras: 

  1. Some mascaras that add length and volume to natural eyelashes and have a mess-free application often come with the problem of drying out the eyelashes, which might be too harsh for natural lashes. 
  2. Even the most beloved mascaras that have an overwhelming number of positive reviews still come with certain cons, such as drying up too quickly, making it difficult to layer it up. 

Why should this mean that false lashes are better than mascaras? 

  1. The best thing about false eyelashes is that they do not harm your natural eyelashes or the lash band. Some mascaras may contain ingredients that may irritate your eyelashes. We can proudly say that our false lashes are made of ethically sourced human hair, and are 100% vegan. We strive to make sure that you can look your best without compromising on the health of your natural eyelashes and eyelids. 
  2. Mascaras require careful application so as to avoid smudging or clumping of the lashes, a single mistake may leave you to wipe it all off and start over again which can be time consuming and disadvantageous to you, especially if you’re in a rush. Especially for those of us who have smaller eyelids or eyelashes, It can be a huge task to prevent mascara smudges. This is where false eyelashes come to your rescue! false eyelashes exist for every eye-shape, our Beach Time lashes being the perfect pair of wispy lashes that will blend in naturally with your makeup, no matter the shape of your eye!
  3. Removing mascaras at the end of the day can be time-consuming, and might leave your eyelids feeling dry. 
  4. Using mascaras after their expiry dates can make your eyelids burn, or result in you struggling with nasty eye infections. Mascaras can only be used for a limited period of time, but we have good news for you! Glance Cosmetics' false lashes are not only reusable, but vegan and made of ethically sourced human hair. 
  5. What about the mascara tubes and wands? Some of us may find alternate uses for them, but how long can they be reused? If you take a look at your favorite mascara,  you will find that they are made of plastics and come in packaging that may not be eco-friendly. What makes false lashes better than mascaras is that Glance's false eyelashes are 100% vegan and eco-friendly, and they’re reusable. 


Kim kardashian, Megan Fox,, Lizzo, Huda Kattan etc are some of iconic celebrities that have shown up on red carpets with some of the most gorgeous lash looks. 

If it's a red carpet-ready look that you're going for, a bold set of false lashes would be the perfect choice to achieve that. If you’d like a softer, more natural pair like the ones that Meghan Markle wore to marry Prince Harry (an utterly romantic and beautiful look!), then we recommend that you go for a pair of wispy lashes, which have volume and length that complements your natural lashes.


At Glance Cosmetics, we have a variety of lashes ranging from dark and dramatic pairs, to soft and natural ones. Take a look at our false lashes bundles, such as The Trinity.   This bundle contains our original three false eyelashes, and they can be used individually or together, depending on the vibe you want to bring to the table. With this bundle, you get to set the mood. Browse our full range of cruelty-free,eco-friendly and 100% vegan natural-looking false eyelashes.

Glance Cosmetics ethically source our ingredients to create unique and eco-friendly products for you. We are 100% cruelty-free and vegan, because pretty doesn't have to hurt anyone, right? 

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