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What Makes Glance Cosmetics’s False Lashes So Unique!-Glance Cosmetics

What Makes Glance Cosmetics’s False Lashes So Unique!

We at Glance Cosmetics believe that pretty doesn't have to hurt, either our customers or the environment. Our highest priority is that you look and feel your best, while also being responsible and conscious.

We are sure that you will stand out from the crowd with our high-quality false eyelashes, not only because they add glamor and style to your appearance, but also because they are made with love for our environment.

All Our Eyelashes Are Specially Made, With Love.

1. Dermatologically Tested: We are extra careful when it comes to making sure that all our lashes are comfortable and compatible with all skin types, therefore all our false eyelashes are dermatologist approved.

Dermatologically Tested

Why Is Dermatologist Testing So Important? 

If you are considering using false eyelashes, it is highly recommended to choose products that have been dermatologically approved to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Glance Cosmetics ensures that our products have been extensively tested by dermatologists for their safety, and are less likely to cause irritation or allergic reactions. They are less likely to cause redness, itching, or other skin problems, even if you have sensitive skin. 

The following are some other factors that show the importance of dermatological testing:

  • Quality Assurance: Being dermatologically approved, our false eyelashes are manufactured under strict quality control standards, ensuring that they are made from safe, high-quality materials. This means that you can trust that they are long-lasting false eyelashes, and provide a more natural look, without causing any harm to your eyes or skin.
  • Better Adhesion: Dermatologically approved false eyelashes are designed to adhere better to your natural lashes and eyelids. They are high-quality falsies as they are less likely to fall off, which can be embarrassing and inconvenient, especially if you are out in public.
  • Natural Look: Our false eyelashes are made from high-quality materials that mimic the natural appearance and texture of real eyelashes, making them look more natural and enhancing your natural beauty, without looking fake or unnatural.
  • Ease of Use: False eyelashes that have been dermatologically approved are often easier to apply and remove than other types of false eyelashes. You can achieve the look you want quickly and easily, without having to spend hours applying and adjusting your lashes.

2. Eco-friendly: Here at Glance Cosmetics, we love Minks! We wish to remain cruelty-free, and that means our false eyelash sets are completely natural, made with no mink hair or synthetic fibers.

Real human hair is used for all our false eyelashes, to create light-weight, eco-friendly false lashes that stand out. The human hair that we use for creating all of our false eyelashes is ethically sourced.


What Are The Benefits of Using Eco-friendly Cosmetics?

  • Reduced Environmental Impact: The production of Glance cosmetics’s false eyelashes has a much lower impact on the environment than most other products, which often contain synthetic chemicals and are produced using environmentally damaging practices.
  • Healthier for You: Most false eyelashes come with lash glues that contain harmful chemicals that can be absorbed by the body through the skin. As an eco-friendly brand, we believe that you should have the choice to use a lash glue that is most suitable for you, and our False eyelashes are free from these chemicals, making our falsies a healthier choice for you!
  • Supporting Sustainable Practices: By purchasing eco-friendly cosmetics, you support sustainable farming and production practices that benefit the environment and local communities. This can help to create a more equitable and sustainable future for everyone.

3. We Are 100% Vegan: Our core ingredients are ethically sourced from Indonesia and sterilized before being hand-woven into a unique collection for you.

We Are 100% Vegan

More Factors That Make Our Falsies Extra Special!

  1. Stackable: To push the limits of your creativity, our false eyelashes are made with lightweight bands that allow for multiple lashes to be stacked, while maintaining a bold and highly comfortable structure.

  2. Reusable: When used with care, our false eyelashes can be reused up to 8 times. Yes, you read that right. We recommend that you properly remove your eyelashes by gently peeling them off, removing any leftover glue, and finally placing them back in the box to maintain good hygiene. This will make sure that your false eyelashes stay clean and reusable.

Factors That Make Our Falsies Extra Special!

In Conclusion

At Glance Cosmetics, we offer the best natural false eyelashes, since we believe that you deserve only the best! Check out our collections here, and pick your choice style of high-quality, long-lasting false eyelashes!

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