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Enhance Every Look With False Eyelashes!-Glance Cosmetics

Enhance Every Look With False Eyelashes!

False eyelashes can be a great way to complete any look and can be used in your makeup look for any event. We’re glad to tell you that at Glance Cosmetics, we have false eyelashes that are suitable for any dress code and will also elevate your overall appearance. 

If you’re concerned about finding the right pair of natural false eyelashes to perfectly balance out your makeup look for an event, don't worry, because we at Glance Cosmetics are here to help you out!

Can I Wear Falsies To My Workplace? 

For an everyday makeup look for the workplace, “less is more” is always a good idea. With falsies, you can skip multiple layers of mascara, saving you time and energy, especially in the mornings. If you feel awkward about wearing false lashes at your workplace, but you badly want to wear some, we recommend that you go for a natural makeup look, just to give you that confidence boost and make you feel energized for the day. Keep it light with your basic makeup essentials to maintain a professional look. It's for the best to avoid dense, heavy lashes that are meant for dramatic looks, which might be awkward for work. 

Can I Wear Falsies To My Workplace?

We recommend that you go for a light, natural-looking pair of false lashes that will accent your eyes. Our false lashes “Trouble Maker” is an excellent choice for a workplace-appropriate makeup look. This natural and lengthy set was designed as a base lash, so you can either wear this alone, or you can add a subtle eyeliner to give a sleek vibe to your eye makeup.

How To Show Up In Style With The Girls

Whether going for a special night out or just grabbing lunch from that new restaurant, the right pair of falsies can elevate your natural features to the next level. Up your eyelash game and add some weightless volume to show the world your playful attitude.

How To Show Up In Style With The Girls

Glance Cosmetics’ “Let's Play Eyelash” is an amazing pair of false eyelashes that will add weightless volume to your eyelashes, giving you a fun and playful look.

For A Weekend Getaway

Proper skincare, a whole lot of sunscreen, and a light makeup look would be best for a short vacation. Whether you're planning to run away to the beach side, or a friend's place, we suggest that keeping it simple but enhancing your natural features is the best way to look amazing, without all the touch-ups you’ll need with the heavy makeup look.

For A Weekend Getaway

Our “BEACH TIME” false lashes are criss-cross lashes that have length, and are wispy, making it the perfect pair of falsies that will blend well with your makeup look, while also making your eyes stand out. 

How To Get The Perfect Lashes For A Night-Out? 

If you’re planning a night out with your best friends, you might want to make your eyes look more attractive and add a touch of glamor. We highly recommend our Eye Candy false eyelashes” set, as it is true to its name.

How To Get The Perfect Lashes For A Night-Out?

Being one of our best-selling false eyelashes, this set is split into two for easy application to the corners of the eye. If you feel like adding more drama to your eyes, you can stack these lashes towards the outer corner of your eyelash band, increasing the intensity of your look. Complete your makeup look with your favorite makeup products, and you're all good to go!

Here Are Some Pro-Tips To Help You Out! 

  1. Always curl your full lashes (after applying your false eyelashes), for a natural lash lift!  
  2. Tight-line black liquid eyeliner along the upper eyelash will give your eye makeup a bold and elegant touch. 
  3. If you’ve got the time and energy, adding a layer of mascara can pull the whole look together. 
  4. False eyelashes being the socks of the makeup department, it's so easy to lose the other pair of our falsies. This is why it's important to remember to put them back in their original packaging at the end of your day.

False Lashes Finish Your Look!

No matter what dress code you have to follow at your workplace, false eyelashes can be a great way to make you look well put together. 

It all comes down to proper application and styling. With the right pair of lashes and application tips, you can be sure that your eye look will blend in well with your makeup.

False Lashes Finish Your Look!

An All-In-One Surprise

It could be a weekend vacation, a night at the club, lunch with your friends, or just a regular day at your workplace. If you need the best, natural-looking false eyelashes for all of these events, we’d recommend our original collection of lashes, “THE TRINITY”

This cool combination comes with our original 3 false eyelashes: Eye Candy, Beach Time, and Let's Play. All the false eyelashes that come in this all-in-one set are lashes that have length, intensity, and fun. Depending on the event you’re going to attend, you can mix and match these false lash pairs to achieve any kind of look you want! 

False eyelashes can be an effective way to enhance your overall appearance. By choosing the right false lash for the occasion, you can create a look that is sure to turn heads. 

You can find high-quality and natural-looking false lashes at Glance Cosmetics.  At Glance, we believe that being pretty doesn't have to hurt. So we’ve made sure that all our false lash sets are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

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