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Want Something Truly Romantic this Valentines Day?-Glance Cosmetics

Want Something Truly Romantic this Valentines Day?

Get ready for the day of love with our premium natural looking false eyelash sets, designed to suit every single one of us. We’ve written this blog to help you decide how you wanna show up to that date with your beau, or that brunch with your girlfriends. 

What could be more romantic than an easy guide to help you feel and look your absolute best?

Are you going for a bold and smokey makeup-look, or a soft-glam, dreamy look?

Whatever your choice may be, we’re sure that you’ll be the belle of the ball. There’s a million options to choose from and it's okay if you’re overwhelmed. Hopefully, this blog will help you narrow down your options so that you can select the best one for you!

A Cozy coffee date by yourself 

Have you been thinking about taking yourself out on a date, to a place you’d love to just sit and unwind, and give yourself the time you deserve? If you’re planning on this, we recommend that you take a favorite book, an amazing cup of coffee, and have an amazing day, all while looking effortlessly glam.

We would recommend a soft-glam look, or a no-makeup makeup look. Check out our beautiful pair of high-quality false-lashes, Eye Candy.

A Cozy coffee date by yourself

This is a versatile set of falsies that are split in the middle for easier application and removal, as well as allowing you to adjust the intensity of your look. 

Applying this pair of false lashes towards the end of your eyelash band can give you that natural, soft glam, helping you achieve that no-makeup makeup look. Put on your favorite nude lipstick, curl your eyelashes to make them look naturally lengthy, and take yourself out on the best date ever!

A picnic at the park 

If it's a picnic-date you’ve got planned, we would suggest a cottage-core look. A feminine and natural look would make you feel comfortable, yet beautiful throughout the day.

 Our favorite pair of natural looking falsies that would go well with the cottagecore aesthetic would be Trouble-Maker, a natural and lengthy set that will help you achieve that feminine, vintage look that we’ve all got saved to our Pinterest Boards.

A picnic at the park

Put on a soft, nude shade of eyeshadow on your eyelids, highlight the inner-corners, add a swipe of your favorite nude lipstick, and Glance’s Trouble-Maker false eyelashes, and your eyes will do all the talking.

Lunch By the Beach

With summer right around the corner, its a perfect date idea to spend a day at the beach with your significant other, or your loved ones. We recommend that you try a simple, yet trendy look, so that you’ll look your best and feel your best on your lunch-date.

Lunch By the Beach

Glance’s Beach time is one pair of false eyelashes that gives a simple, natural-glam to the eyes. These wispy lashes will make your eyes look vibrant, and refreshing, being the perfect pair of falsies for a fun day out at the beach. A boho-inspired outfit or a flowy, light dress would compliment your simple, makeup-look.

A road trip with your valentine

If you and your partner are lovers of the road and adventurous, a road trip would be an exciting date idea for valentines day. Surprise your favorite person(s) with a well-planned trip or a spontaneous one, whatever you think would be best. 

For both of these situations, we’re glad that we can help you achieve a subtle, but bold, or a cool, but simple look. Say hello to Ma Chérie, a set from our collection that can be used for a simple look, or stacked for a bolder look.

A road trip with your valentine

You can split this into two pairs, and either wear one pair for a simple look, or stack the pairs if you're going for a jaw-dropping look. Either way, we at Glance Cosmetics have got you covered!

A Classy Dinner Date 

Let your eyes be the charm this valentine's day with our elegant pair of false eyelashes, Blink of an eye, that are smooth and full lashes which curve at the tip, giving you that feminine, romantic and classic eye-look.

A Classy Dinner Date

Our “Blink of an eye” false eyelash set is perfect for such an occasion, since it is lightweight and will also give you realistic-looking lashes. When in doubt, wear solid colors like black or red, or go monochromatic, if you're feeling brave. The only thing that matters at a dinner date is that you feel comfortable and confident in yourself. And if you're not confident or comfortable yet (like most of us!), then let your eyes be the distraction!

Brunch with your girlfriends

Jaws? Dropped. Heads? Turned. Those instagram pictures are going to be something else with our drop-dead gorgeous false eyelash set, Capricious. Stylish and glamorous, the complements will be rolling in with these falsies on. If you're planning on spending the day with your best friends but you're not sure what to wear, Glance Cosmetics is here to save the day!

Brunch with your girlfriends

Have all your friends gushing about them, this valentines day. No, not your lover, we mean your eye-makeup. We’d suggest a summery dress since it's going to be sunny in the coming days. With the right pair of comfortable wedges or sandals, and a simple handbag, you’ll look stunning. If you’ feel like going all the way, then we suggest trying a subtle but glamorous makeup-look that will complement your outfit for that day. 

Start with proper skin-prep to get that glowy base, then add your favorite summer lipstick. Apply a good amount of blush for the aesthetic, followed by a soft eyeshadow. Finally, pop on a pair of our “Capricious” falsies to complete your look, and you're done!

In Conclusion

At Glance Cosmetics, we believe that the best kind of love is the love you give to yourself. So, treat yourself this valentine's day, to one of the best and high quality sets of false eyelashes. 

We’ve also got a 25% discount as a small gift for you this valentines day, click here to check it out!

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