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Let's Dive Into The History Of False Eyelashes-Glance Cosmetics

Let's Dive Into The History Of False Eyelashes

This Lash Day, let us take you through the past decades, from the origin of falsies to its massive popularity in the current world. Take a look at this blog to know more! 

Falsies Throughout History

False lashes have been around since the 1800’s, way before any of us were even born! False eyelashes, like every other beauty trick, oriinated a long time ago. Somewhere around the 1800’s, it was the people of Paris who tried to invent false eyelash looks. It was a painful procedure as they sewed hair into their eyelids. Thanks to modern inventions, we don't have to go through that!

False eyelashes were first sewn into fabrics to look natural, and then glued to the eyelids. It was Hollywood that brought attention to the concept of glue-on, false eyelashes. And slowly but surely, false eyelashes caught the eye of the public and are now a widely used makeup product, especially in the celebrity world.

Check out some of the most iconic lash-looks from different decades, created using false lashes and popularized by some favorite personalities (the real credit goes to their makeup-artists!).


One of the most major icons of pop-culture, actress and model Marilyn Monroe was always seen with dreamy, sultry eyes. She was well known for her romantic, confident, and feminine look, which is still beloved by makeup enthusiasts, even today.

She was known to wear false-eyelashes that gave her natural looking, voluminous and lengthy lashes. Her beauty trick was that she would cut her falsies in half, and apply them only towards the outer corner of her eyes.


You can easily achieve this look without having to sew hair onto your eyelids, thanks to our bestselling false eyelash set, Eye Candy. The lashes in this set are split into two so that you can easily apply it to the end of your eyes, giving you that Marilyn Monroe glow! You can also stack the lashes for a more intense bold look.

TWIGGY’s False-Lash Look In The 60’s 

A fashion icon back in the 1960’s, Twiggy’s iconic bottom-lash look was all the rage. False lashes gained mainstream popularity mainly because of Twiggy’s influence. 

The internationally famous model, actress and singer’s signature look was heavy eyeliner, and extreme false lashes. Big and bold false lashes paired with Twiggy’s big eyes, her signature eye-makeup look still holds popularity.

TWIGGY’s False-Lash Look In The 60’s

Wanna recreate Twiggy’s signature look? Check out our Capricious false eyelash set. This one is truly not for the faint of heart. 

The Capricious lashes are bold, extreme, edgy and dramatic. With some heavy black liner, and a swipe of single-color eyeshadow, these falsies will be perfect for achieving Twiggy’s bold lash look.

The 70’s, By Cher 

The dramatic, bold false-lash trend saw a fall in popularity in the 1970’s. Beauty standards became more relaxed and leaned towards natural beauty. 

Fine, wispy falsies that looked realistic, and softly complemented the overall clean-girl makeup was the trend back then, but still the natural eyelash look was the go-to look.

Although they weren't trendy among the locals, stunning falsies were used by beloved performers such as Cher, and Barbara Streisand. Cher was always seen wearing goddess-like makeup and outfits, and bold false lashes, especially on tour.

The 70’s, By Cher

Get this look with our natural-looking false lashes, Blink Of An Eye.

Joan Jett & The 80’s

Dark lips, heavy eye-makeup, glorious hair and natural lashes was the standard of beauty back in the 80’s. During the 70’s and the 80’s, false eyelashes almost fell out of fashion. 

The only popular looks from the 80’s that included falsies, are from stars like Joan Jett. With jet black hair, prints everywhere and colorful accessories, Jett’s signature look was bold yet subtle (for the 80’s!), and earned mainstream attention. 

Heavy eyeshadows, dark liner, and natural-looking false lashes were used to create such looks. Glance Cosmetics’ Ma Chérie false eyelashes would be perfect for creating an 80’s makeup look.

Joan Jett & The 80’s

This pair of lashes have a subtle, yet bold way of enhancing your natural lashes, without making it look too obvious that you're wearing falsies. Pair this set of false lashes with some heavy and dark eyeliner, and you're all set for an 80’s themed-party! The 80’s saw the decline in popularity of dramatic, fabulous false eyelashes, but celebrities like Madonna did not shy away from that feminine, heavy-eyes look.

false eyelashes

We recommend our Trouble Maker false eyelashes, designed as a base lash, this pair would look stunning with some minimal, metallic eye-makeup.

Lash Looks Of The 90’s

The 90’s saw a lot of minimalistic, feminine and soft makeup looks, as often seen on supermodel Cindy Crawford. Voluminous hair and soft yet well-maintained eyebrows were the trends of the decade.

Lash Looks Of The 90’s

The soft-glam look can be easily achieved with our wispy set of false lashes, Beach Time. With this refreshing pair of false eyelashes, you will look effortlessly glamorous, while also being subtle about it. Fill in your brows to give it some definition, and style your hair to look big and full of secrets, and now you’ve achieved Cindy’s soft-glam aura! 

False lashes were mostly out of fashion in the decade, but supermodels like Naomi Campbell were always seen in jaw-dropping makeup looks, and stunning false eyelashes on the runway that were quite voluminous and dramatic.

We’ve got good news for you: the 90’s supermodel is easily achievable with our killer falsies, “Sweet Talk”. 

Designed to have a thick, criss-cross pattern, these lashes will make you stand out in the room. Now with these falsies, you can have your very own 90’s supermodel moment!

Falsies’ Reigned In Early 2000’s

The early 2000’s saw different flavors of glossy lips, double-triple-quadruple outfit layering, and that iconic blue eyeshadow. Although some of the fashion choices made in that era may not be easy to look at, there are a few exceptions.

The credit for the rise in dramatic, feathery false lashes, goes to Jennifer Lopez’s stunning red-carpet makeup looks. Everyone was into wearing multiple layers of mascara over thick and voluminous false lashes.

Glance Costmetic’s Blink Of An Eye is one of the best natural-looking false lash sets for achieving this classic look. These are smooth, thick, voluminous lashes that are curved at the tip, giving you that bold and feminine look.

In Conclusion

At Glance Cosmetics, all our false eyelashes are vegan and made from ethically sourced human-hair. Our high-quality false lashes are one of the best natural-looking falsies, and yes, we can say this with confidence because we’ve put careful thought into the design and production of all our premium false lashes. 

Check out more of our false eyelash sets here!

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