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Top 15 Best False Eyelashes in UAE - 2023

Top 15 Best False Eyelashes in UAE - 2023

Beautiful and expressive eyes have always been a symbol of charm and allure. False eyelashes have gained immense popularity in the beauty industry, offering individuals the opportunity to enhance their natural beauty and create stunning eye looks. 

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where fashion and beauty are highly regarded, the demand for high-quality false eyelashes has been steadily rising. We at Glance Cosmetics will take you on a journey through this blog to explore the top 15 best false eyelashes available in the UAE in 2023, helping you choose the perfect pair to elevate your eye game and enhance your overall appearance.

Table of Contents

I. Why False Eyelashes?

  1. Benefits of False Eyelashes
  2. How to Choose the Right False Eyelashes

II. Top 15 Best False Eyelashes in UAE - 2023

III. How to Apply False Eyelashes

  1. Step-by-Step Guide
  2. Tips for a Flawless Application 
IV. How to Remove False Eyelashes
  1. Step-by-Step Guide
  2. Tips for Safe Removal 
V. False Eyelash Care and Maintenance
  1. Cleaning and Storing False Eyelashes
  2. How to Extend the Lifespan of False Eyelashes
VI. FAQs About False Eyelashes
  1. Are False Eyelashes Safe?
  2. Can You Reuse False Eyelashes?
  3. How Do I Choose the Right False Eyelash Style?
  4. Are Magnetic False Eyelashes Better than Adhesive Ones?
  5. Can I Wear False Eyelashes with Contact Lenses?
  6. Do False Eyelashes Damage Natural Lashes?
  7. Are There Any Alternatives to Traditional False Eyelashes?

VII. Conclusion - Embrace Your Inner Beauty

I. Why False Eyelashes?

False eyelashes offer numerous benefits that make them a go-to beauty accessory for many individuals in the UAE and around the world. 

1. Benefits of False Eyelashes:

Enhanced Eye Definition: False eyelashes instantly add depth and definition to your eyes, making them appear larger and more captivating.

Customized Looks: With a wide variety of styles, lengths, and thicknesses available, you can choose false eyelashes that complement your unique style and desired look, whether it's natural, dramatic, or somewhere in between.

Convenience: False eyelashes eliminate the need for multiple coats of mascara and the hassle of dealing with clumps, smudging, or flaking.

Time-Saving: Applying false eyelashes can be quicker than meticulously applying mascara, especially for those with sparse or short natural lashes.

Versatility: False eyelashes are versatile and suitable for various occasions, from everyday wear to special events and weddings.

Boosted Confidence: The added allure and confidence boost that false eyelashes provide can make you feel more glamorous and put-together. 

2. How to Choose the Right False Eyelashes:

Selecting the perfect pair of false eyelashes depends on your personal preferences and the look you want to achieve. Consider the following factors when making your choice:

  1. Eyelash Style: Choose a style that complements your eye shape and desired effect. Options include natural, wispy, dramatic, and voluminous lashes.
  2. Eyelash Length: False eyelashes come in various lengths, so decide whether you want to emphasize length, volume, or both.
  3. Eyelash Material: False lashes can be made from human hair, synthetic fibers, mink, or silk. Each material offers different levels of comfort and durability.
  4. Adhesive Type: Decide whether you prefer lashes with built-in adhesive or separate lash glue. Some people have sensitivities or allergies to certain adhesives, so choose accordingly.
  5. Lash Band: Consider the type of lash band, which can be clear, black, or invisible. The band's color and thickness can affect the overall look.
  6. Reusable vs. Disposable: Some false eyelashes are designed for single use, while others can be worn multiple times. Choose based on your budget and environmental considerations.

Now that we've explored the benefits and considerations, let's look into the top 15 best false eyelashes available in the UAE in 2023.

II. Top 15 Best False Eyelashes in UAE - 2023

1. Glance Cosmetics Lashes:

  • Glance Cosmetic eyelashes are an affordable yet elegant set of false eyelashes. 
  • They are environmentally friendly and cruelty-free.
  • Our lashes come in many different styles and varieties that Complement everyone.
  • Browse our collection to see the types of lashes available, and choose the best one for you! 

2. Eylure Luxe Silk Marquise Lashes: 

  • Eylure Luxe Silk lashes offer a luxurious and natural-looking volume.
  • The Marquise lashes are lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear.
  • They come with adhesive for easy application.

3. Velour Lashes - Effortless Kit: 

  • Velour Lashes is known for its premium quality, and the Effortless Kit is perfect for beginners.
  • It includes three different lash styles, a lash applicator, and adhesive.
  • The lashes are cruelty-free and made from high-quality synthetic fibers.

4. Anastasia Beverly Hills False Lashes - So Hollywood: 

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills is a trusted name in the beauty industry, and their So Hollywood lashes are a favorite for a glamorous look.
  • These lashes are handcrafted and feature a tapered end for a natural appearance.
  • They are comfortable to wear and can be reused multiple times.

5. Huda Beauty Classic Lash - Giselle: 

  • Another top pick from Huda Beauty, the Giselle lashes, offers a perfect balance of length and volume.
  • They are suitable for both daytime and evening makeup looks.
  • The lash band is comfortable and easy to apply.

6. Kiss Lash Couture Triple Push-Up Collection - Bustier: 

  • The Kiss Lash Couture collection is known for its dramatic effect, and the Bustier lashes are no exception.
  • They provide a bold, three-dimensional look with a comfortable fit.
  • The lashes come with an applicator and adhesive for hassle-free application.

7. Ardell Natural Lash - Demi Wispies:

  • Ardell is a go-to brand for affordable and quality false lashes, and the Demi Wispies are a classic choice.
  • These lashes provide a natural, fluttery look and are suitable for everyday wear.
  • They are easy to apply and comfortable to wear for extended periods.

8. House of Lashes - Iconic:

  • House of Lashes Iconic lashes are a favorite among beauty influencers and makeup artists.
  • They offer a bold and dramatic look with a winged effect.
  • The lashes are handmade and cruelty-free, making them an ethical choice.

9. Eylure London Enchanted After Dark Lashes:

  • Eylure's Enchanted After Dark lashes are perfect for creating a mystical and captivating look.
  • They are designed with a delicate blend of black and midnight blue lashes.
  • These lashes are reusable and come with adhesive.

10. Ardell Magnetic Lashes - Double Wispies: 

  • Ardell's Double Wispies magnetic lashes are a convenient alternative to traditional adhesive lashes.
  • They provide a natural look with a slight winged effect.
  • The magnetic application is easy to master, even for beginners.

11. Velour Lashes - Fluff'n Glam Collection:

  • The Velour Lashes Fluff'n Glam Collection offers a variety of styles for different occasions.
  • These lashes are known for their soft and fluffy texture.
  • They are lightweight, comfortable, and cruelty-free.

12. Eylure ProMagnetic Magnetic Eyelashes - Baroque Corner Lashes:

  • Eylure's Baroque Corner Lashes offer a unique, corner-focused style for a striking effect.
  • They are part of the ProMagnetic range, which simplifies magnetic lash application.
  • The lashes are reusable and come with a magnetic eyeliner.

13. Ardell Studio Effects Lash - 110:

  • Ardell's Studio Effects Lash in style 110 is perfect for adding a touch of drama to your look.
  • These lashes feature multi-layered, fluttery lashes.
  • They are comfortable and suitable for special occasions.

14. Huda Beauty Easy Lash Collection - Harmony #17:

  • Huda Beauty's Easy Lash Collection is designed for effortless application.
  • Harmony #17 offers a natural yet enhanced look for daily wear.
  • These lashes are ideal for beginners.

15. Velour Lashes - See Through:

  • Velour Lashes See Through is a versatile option that provides subtle volume and length.
  • They are perfect for achieving a no-makeup makeup look.
  • The lashes are handmade, cruelty-free, and lightweight.

III. How to Apply False Eyelashes

A. Step-by-Step Guide: Applying false eyelashes may seem daunting at first, but with practice and patience, you can master the technique. Here's a step-by-step guide.

1. Gather Your Supplies:

  • False eyelashes
  • Lash adhesive or glue
  • Tweezers or lash applicators
  • Mirror

2. Prep Your Natural Lashes: Curl your natural lashes and apply mascara if desired. This will help your natural lashes blend with the false ones.

3. Trim the Lashes (if needed): Measure the false lashes against your natural lash line and trim any excess from the outer edge.

4. Apply Adhesive: Apply a thin, even layer of lash adhesive to the lash band. Wait for it to become tacky (usually 20-30 seconds).

5. Position the False Lashes: Use tweezers or a lash applicator to carefully place the false lashes as close to your natural lash line as possible. Start from the center and press down the inner and outer corners.

6. Secure and Adjust: Gently press the lashes to ensure they are securely attached. Use the back of the tweezers to press along the lash band for better adhesion.If needed, adjust the position of the lashes while the adhesive is still slightly tacky.

7. Blend and Finish: Use mascara to blend your natural lashes with the false ones. Optionally, you can use eyeliner to conceal the lash band.

B. Tips for a Flawless Application:

  1. Start with clean and dry eyelids to ensure better adhesive adherence.
  2. Apply a thin and even layer of adhesive to avoid clumps and excess glue.
  3. Allow the adhesive to become tacky before attaching the false lashes; this helps prevent slipping or sliding.
  4. Use a magnifying mirror for precise application.
  5. Be patient and practice regularly to improve your false eyelash application skills.

IV. How to Remove False Eyelashes

Safely removing false eyelashes is crucial to avoid damaging your natural lashes. 

A. Follow these steps:

1. Prepare: 

  • Wash your hands thoroughly to ensure they are clean and free of oils.
  • Have a mirror and a gentle eye makeup remover on hand.

2. Loosen the Lash Band: Gently hold the outer corner of the false lashes and start loosening the lash band from the inner corner by lifting it away from your natural lashes.

3. Peel Off Carefully: Once the adhesive starts to loosen, carefully peel off the false lashes. Be gentle to avoid pulling or tugging on your natural lashes.

4. Remove Residual Adhesive: Use a cotton swab or pad with eye makeup remover to clean any residual adhesive from your eyelids.

5. Clean and Store the Lashes: Clean the false lashes by removing any leftover mascara or adhesive. Store the lashes in their original case or another clean, dry container to maintain their shape.

B. Tips for Safe Removal: 

  • Be patient and avoid rushing the removal process to prevent damage to your natural lashes.
  • If you encounter resistance when removing the lashes, apply a bit of eye makeup remover to help dissolve the adhesive.
  • Clean your false lashes after each use to prolong their lifespan.

V. False Eyelash Care and Maintenance

A. Cleaning and Storing False Eyelashes:

Proper care and maintenance can extend the life of your false eyelashes. Here's how to clean and store them:

  • Remove Adhesive: After each use, carefully peel off any remaining adhesive from the lash band using tweezers or your fingers.
  • Clean with Makeup Remover: Use a cotton swab or pad soaked in eye makeup remover to clean the lashes, removing mascara and any makeup residue.
  • Wash with Water: Gently rinse the lashes with lukewarm water to remove the makeup remover and any remaining debris.
  • Dry Thoroughly: Place the lashes on a clean paper towel and blot them gently to remove excess water. Allow them to air-dry completely.
  • Store Properly: Return the lashes to their original packaging or another clean container to protect them from dust and damage.
B. How to Extend the Lifespan of False Eyelashes: 
  • Avoid using mascara directly on false eyelashes to prevent clumping and damage.
  • Handle the lashes with clean hands and avoid touching them unnecessarily.
  • Store the lashes in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Consider investing in a lash storage case to protect your false lashes when not in use. 

VII. Conclusion - Embrace Your Inner Beauty

Embrace Your Inner Beauty

False eyelashes are a versatile and transformative beauty accessory that allows you to enhance your natural beauty, experiment with different looks, and boost your confidence. Whether you prefer a subtle, everyday look or a bold and glamorous style, the top 15 best false eyelashes available in the UAE in 2023 offer a range of options to suit your preferences and needs.

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