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Recreate your favorites from Olivia Rodrigo's red carpet looks with Glance lashes!

Olivia Rodrigo has emerged as a powerful force not only in the music industry but also in the realm of fashion and beauty. At a young age, she's already established herself as a trendsetter, captivating audiences with her distinctive style and poised presence. Known for her ability to seamlessly blend elements of classic elegance with modern, edgy twists, Rodrigo has redefined contemporary fashion norms.

Her ability to effortlessly switch between timeless, sophisticated looks and bold, avant-garde ensembles showcases her versatility and keen eye for style. Beyond clothing, Rodrigo's makeup and beauty choices have become equally iconic. Her captivating gaze and flawless complexion are often the focal points of her looks. 

With her latest album "GUTS", she's once again captured the world's attention. But let's not forget about her iconic looks from her Sour Album era! Decked in butterflies and variations of purple in the most aesthetic, the pop-punk teenage drama-esque album got her on everybody's radar. 

Let's take a look at some her most beautiful looks from the Sour Album era: 

False Eyelashes: Olivia Rodrigo Style

Glance Cosmetics

Olivia Rodrigo's red carpet and event looks are nothing short of iconic. Her ability to effortlessly blend sophistication with a modern edge has solidified her status as a true fashion muse. 

Here are some standout moments that showcase her impeccable style:

Met Gala 2021: 

Olivia made her Met Gala debut in a stunning, Lace Saint Laurent Catsuit. The dramatic silhouette was paired with bold, dark eyeliner and subtly defined brows, creating a captivating contrast. This look demonstrated her willingness to take fashion risks while maintaining an air of timeless elegance.

Olivia opted for a sultry, smoky eye makeup look that perfectly complemented her dramatic outfit. Olivia's lashes were one of the standout features of this look. She wore long, voluminous lashes that added depth and intensity to her gaze. They beautifully framed her eyes, enhancing the overall allure of the makeup.

For the lashes, consider using Glance Cosmetics’ Eye Candy false lashes are sleek strip Lashes that provide the volume and length needed to achieve a similar bold lash look.

2021 MTV VMAs

In a long, strapless peachy pink Versace Gown for her first VMAs, and wearing subtle, pink, glowing makeup, Olivia Rodrigo stunned at her very first VMA’s and even won the first award of that night. 

She was spotted wearing false eyelashes that had thick, criss-cross lash strands making her eyes look like butterfly wings. Glance Cosmetics’ Sweet Talk false eyelashes would be the best choice to recreate her all-pink, feminine look. 

2022 Met Gala

Glance Cosmetics

The singer dazzled in a sparkling purple Versace gown, complemented with matching butterflies in her hair and beautiful diamonds. The overall look, not to mention her fluttery and full eyelashes, was ethereal and fairy-like.

She was the symbol of Y2k meets Siren meets Pop-punk, and her thick eyelashes completed her look. Our Ma Cherie false eyelashes have medium-thick lash strands that flick with every cluster, span outward like a fan from the inner to outer corners, and tapered at the ends. Also check out our Lolita false eyelashes that are cut into three pieces, with lash strands in a feathery style that get thicker towards the outer corner. 

2022 BRIT Awards

Donning an Alexandre Vauthier Gown at the 2022 BRIT Awards, Olivia showed up looking like a mirror ball, in soft glam makeup that balanced out her outfit at the event. Her makeup was clean and stunning, with a classic cat eye and false eyelashes that were longer towards the outer corner, creating a soft, sultry look. 

Our Blink of an eye false eyelashes are full lashes that go from thin strands to thick lash strands towards the outer corner and are perfect for recreating this look. Add some mascara to your final look and that's it! 

Sour Prom

For the release of her concert film "Sour Prom", Olivia Rodrigo hosted a Prom-themed party which became highly popular. Wearing a soft pink slip dress with her iconic accessorizing and long hair, Olivia kept it simple yet fashionable at the release party of her film. 

Her makeup was subtle, feminine, and laid-back. She used soft eye makeup so as not to overpower her overall look. Our No Drama False eyelashes would be a great choice to recreate Olivia's Sour Prom makeup look. 

The Glance Lash Experience

The Seamless Application

Glance lashes are designed to be simple to use and convenient, and they provide a hassle-free application method. With simple application instructions and cutting-edge applicators, these lashes allow people to achieve mesmerizing beauty without the help of a professional in only a few minutes. 

Maximum Comfort

Glance lashes prioritize the wearer's comfort in addition to their aesthetic appeal, offering a luxury experience that lasts the entire day. These lashes easily blend in with natural lashes thanks to their lightweight design and breathable texture, providing a gentle and unobtrusive experience that lets customers enjoy their attractiveness without pain or irritation. 

The focus on comfort is a reflection of Glance Cosmetics' commitment to offering an enjoyable experience that combines elegance and simplicity.

How to Add Red Carpet Glamour to Your Regular Wardrobe

With Glance Cosmetics’ lash collection, you can easily add a dash of celebrity glitz to your regular regimen. These lashes are made to complement your natural attractiveness, so you may walk with confidence and style whether it's a formal occasion or a casual trip.

Focus on combining crucial components that conjure up elegance and sophistication to add a dash of red carpet glamour to your everyday outfit. Choose timeless pieces like a sharply fitted jacket or the LBD of your dreams, and accessorize with statement jewelry to give a dash of glitter and charm. Prioritise apparel with clean lines and figure-flattering designs, and opt for materials that ooze luxury and drape beautifully, like silk or satin.

To boost your whole appearance, incorporate striking yet exquisite footwear, such as pointed heels or vintage pumps. Try experimenting with different makeup looks, focusing on a strong lip or a smoky eye to complete your outfit. 

Embracing Bold Statements with Glance Lashes

When Olivia dresses dramatically, she looks and serves as the star of the show. Her gorgeous personality is amplified by the thick volume and powerful allure of her lashes, which seamlessly accentuate her risk-taking fashion choices. 

Glance Cosmetics’ dramatic false eyelashes and Olivia's embrace of stunning beauty combine to create an entrancing effect that elicits admiration and attention. The dramatic flair of Glance Lashes imparts an air of extravagance and pop-punk, empowering people to embrace their inner diva and revel in the spotlight with unequaled poise and refinement, whether it's a large gala or an after-party.. 

Glance Lashes represent the art of embracing drama and leaving an outstanding impression that endures long after the curtain has fallen as an embodiment of bold beauty and unshakeable confidence.


Fashion and beauty fans all over the world can draw inspiration from Olivia's Red Carpet looks and eyelashes. One may easily duplicate some of Olivia's most recognizable red carpet looks by fusing the intricate workmanship of Glance lashes with the elegance and sophistication of her look. 

Glance Cosmetics offers a wide selection of lashes that flawlessly compliment the spirit of Olivia's alluring red carpet look, whether one wishes to mimic her timelessly elegant demeanor, audacious declarations, or radiant charisma. With Glance lashes, you can project an image of refinement, confidence, and glamour that perfectly captures False eyelashes which Olivia wore on the red carpet.

Improve your beauty regimen and embrace the allure of the red carpet with Glance Cosmetics' gorgeous collection of lashes, which are carefully crafted and will bring out your inner Olivia. With Glance Lashes, you can transform your everyday splendor and experience the enchantment of easy beauty.


  1. What sets Glance Lashes apart from other lash manufacturers on the market?

Ans- Glance lashes stand out as a representation of grace and refinement due to their precise craftsmanship, superior materials, and adaptable designs. The company's persistent dedication to quality and customer satisfaction sets it apart from competitors and solidifies its position as a leader in the beauty sector.

  1. Are people with sensitive skin able to use Glance lashes?

Ans- Yes, the materials used to make Glance lashes are hypoallergenic, making them suitable for anyone with sensitive skin. Because the company puts its customers' safety and comfort first, its products are the perfect option for anyone looking for aesthetic solutions that don't sacrifice skin health.

  1. How many times may Glance lashes be reapplied, if at all?

Ans- Yes, Glance lashes may be used repeatedly with the right upkeep and care. These lashes can be reused several times with delicate handling and routine cleaning, allowing users to benefit from their aesthetic qualities for an extended period of time and making them an affordable and environmentally friendly investment in beauty.

  1. Do Glance Lashes have a range of designs to suit diverse tastes?

Ans- Undoubtedly, Glance lashes offer a wide variety of styles, from traditional to enormous and wispy. Users may select the ideal lash variant that complements their distinct personalities and style preferences thanks to the wide variety of options that cater to different preferences and circumstances.

  1. Can I wear my Glance lashes for a long time and are they waterproof?

Ans- Yes, Glance lashes are designed to withstand water, allowing users to benefit from their beauty features even in humid environments or during activities that expose them to moisture. Additionally, their long-lasting resilience qualifies them for longer use, enabling users to preserve their gorgeous appearance all day or all night long without sacrificing quality or appeal.

  1. Does applying Glance lashes require any special adhesive?

Ans- Glance lashes are made to work with a variety of lash adhesives, giving customers the freedom to select the ones that best suit their preferences and level of comfort. To ensure a seamless and durable lash application experience, the brand advises utilizing adhesives that prioritize skin safety and long-lasting adhesion.

  1. Is it possible to have Glance lashes made to fit specific eye sizes and shapes?

Ans- Yes, Glance lashes can be modified to fit different eye shapes and sizes, giving users the opportunity to achieve a custom lash application that enhances their individual facial features. The company places a strong emphasis on personalization and provides instructions on how to alter the lashes to obtain the perfect fit and bring out the natural beauty of the eyes.

  1. Are Glance lashes both ecologically responsible and cruelty-free?

Ans- Yes, Glance lashes follow cruelty-free guidelines, underscoring the brand's dedication to moral and environmentally friendly cosmetic products. The company also uses ecologically friendly materials in its production, ensuring that its goods help preserve ecological balance and lessen their negative effects on the environment.

  1. Can Glance lashes be worn with eyeglasses or contact lenses?

Ans- Glance lashes are made to smoothly integrate with a variety of eye accessories without creating discomfort or obstructing vision, so they may be worn with both contact lenses and eyeglasses. No matter what eye accessories they are wearing, consumers may confidently embrace their beauty thanks to the lightweight and versatile nature of these lashes.

  1. Are Glance lashes suitable for individuals with varying levels of expertise in makeup application?

Ans- Yes, Glance lashes give user-friendly directions and help to ensure a seamless and pleasurable beauty experience for people of all degrees of makeup application proficiency. Glance lashes provide you the power to effortlessly enhance your natural attractiveness and embrace your individual beauty with confidence and grace, regardless of whether you are an experienced cosmetic enthusiast or a beginner exploring the world of beauty.

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