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Recreate Taylor Swift's Iconic Eye Looks!

Recreate Taylor Swift's Iconic Eye Looks!

Welcome to Glance Cosmetics, where beauty meets responsibility. At Glance Cosmetics, we are not just passionate about enhancing your natural allure; we are committed to doing it sustainably. Our brand is built upon the foundation of ethical craftsmanship and eco-friendliness. Our eyelashes are not just a fashion statement; they are an embodiment of our core values.

In this blog, we embark on a thrilling journey through the various stages of Taylor Swift's iconic career, as reflected in her mesmerizing eye makeup looks from the Eras Tour. As one of the most influential artists of our time, Taylor Swift's transformation has been marked by distinct eras, each characterized by its unique style and aesthetic.

Taylor Swift's Eras: A Journey Through Iconic Looks

From the fearless country charm of the "Fearless" era to the dreamy allure of "Lover" and the folk-inspired artistry of "Folklore & Evermore," Taylor's makeup looks have been an integral part of her evolution. But what's a stunning eye makeup look without the perfect lashes to complement it?

Throughout this blog, we'll not only analyze Taylor's iconic eye makeup from each era but also recommend the best lash sets that will help you create the perfect look to match hers or wear to the tour! With our lightweight, high-quality lashes, you can make every blink a statement of elegance and allure, just like Taylor Swift. 

Fearless Era

Fearless Era

Taylor Swift burst onto the music scene with her self-titled debut album, but it was during the Fearless era that her star truly began to rise. Known for her signature curls and natural makeup, this era showcased a young and innocent Taylor with a fresh-faced look. Her eye makeup leaned towards neutral tones and subtle eyeliner. 

Taylor's lashes were long, voluminous, and curled to perfection. They added a touch of glamour to her eyes while still maintaining a natural appearance. 

  1. To get this look, try our Blink Of An Eye false eyelashes that are smooth and full lashes curved at the tip.
  2. Designed to imitate the effect of eyelash extensions, the Stage Ready false lashes set is a sleek and structured pair that you can use to layer your natural lashes.
  3. Our 'Divine' set has a natural length and minimal volume giving you a rich and fuller look.

The eye makeup of the Fearless era typically featured soft, neutral eyeshadows with a touch of shimmer. Shades like champagne, light gold, or soft pinks were commonly used to create a delicate and radiant base. Full, flattery, luscious lashes were a key element of this look.

Speak Now Era 

In the Speak Now era, Taylor Swift transitioned from a country sensation to a pop country star. Her eye makeup became more pronounced with winged eyeliner and a focus on dramatic lashes. This era, marked by its whimsical and romantic themes, featured an eye-catching makeup style that perfectly complemented her enchanting persona.

Lashes were an essential part of this look. Taylor Swift opted for long, fluttery lashes that gave her eyes a romantic and dreamy vibe. These lashes added a touch of femininity to the overall look. 

  1. For that dreamy look, consider using Glance Cosmetics' "Spring Time" lash set. These lashes are designed to give you the same luscious, fluttery effect that Taylor Swift rocked during the Speak Now era.
  2. Another pair would be our bestselling "Lolita" false eyelashes, which are wispy and lengthy, and split into three for easy application.

Red Era

Red Era

During the RED era, Taylor Swift's eye makeup was all about drama and intensity. She embraced a bold, seductive look that perfectly complemented the album's themes of love and heartbreak. The Red Era saw Taylor Swift embrace boldness, both in her music and her style. Her makeup featured her signature vibrant red lips paired with bold black eyeliner. 

In keeping with the dramatic theme, Taylor Swift's lashes during the RED era were full and voluminous. Her lashes were a focal point of her look, making her eyes appear larger and more expressive. If you're looking to recreate this look, a pair of voluminous lashes is essential.

Our Magnifique Natural False Eyelashes are designed with a natural inner corner for blending in with your natural lashes so that it’s almost invisible from the sides. It has the perfect length, thickness and wispiness to recreate the RED Era.

1989 Era

1989 Era

As Taylor Swift fully embraced pop music with the 1989 album, her eye makeup underwent a transformation to match. The focus shifted to sharp cat-eye liner, matte eyeshadows, and fluttery, voluminous lashes, giving her a modern, retro-inspired look. The hallmark of Taylor's 1989-era look was the sharp and elongated cat-eye eyeliner. It featured a bold, jet-black liner that extended past the outer corners of her eyes, giving them a striking feline shape.

To complement the dramatic liner, Taylor opted for full, voluminous lashes. These lashes added depth and intensity to her gaze, making her eyes the focal point of her makeup.

  1. Our Sugar Rush false eyelashes give a blend of light and thick intensity. This set has been beautifully designed to layer on top of your lashes to give it a boost of volume, length and elevation.
  2. Another great pair is the Sweet Talk lashes, its thick criss-cross pattern adds volume to your natural lashes.
  3. Our Bellezza Eyelash is a handmade strand of lashes that creates a soft and fluffy effect. Going for a natural yet glamorous look? Bellezza was created for you. The individual lash clusters will give you a very natural and soft look. With the inner and outer corners that are consistent in length, this set balances the inner and outer corners of your eye.

Reputation Era

Reputation Era

Taylor Swift's Reputation era was all about dark and edgy aesthetics. Her eye makeup featured intense smoky eyes with smudged liner and bold lashes, complementing her fearless and mysterious persona during this era.

Taylor's go-to eye makeup during the Reputation era was a stunning smoky eye. This look was characterized by dark, smudged eyeshadow that extended slightly beyond her eyelids, creating a captivating and mysterious allure. To intensify the drama, Taylor often sported graphic eyeliner. Her cat-eye was sharp enough to cut glass, and it extended into a sleek wing that added a fierce edge to her gaze.

Lush lashes were a must for Taylor's Reputation era look. She wore long, dramatic false eyelashes that amplified the sultriness of her eyes. These lashes were voluminous and framed her eyes beautifully, adding a touch of glamour to the overall look.

  1. The Capricious lashes are designed to be long, thick, voluminous and dramatic.
  2. Our Demon's Kiss lashes are aggressive, long, thick, and perfect for a Rep Era look.
  3. Check out our Cést La Vie lashes. These lovely monochromatic lashes are the thickest in our collection. Its luxurious volume with the length blends into the eye naturally and screams confidence and glamour.

Lover Era

Lover Era

The Lover Era brought back Taylor's softer, more romantic side. Her eye makeup embraced pastel shades, shimmering eyeshadows, and a touch of glitter, reflecting the dreamy and whimsical vibe of the album. The shimmer added a touch of sparkle and femininity to her eyes.

The Lover era's eye makeup look was all about embracing femininity, romance, and a touch of nostalgia. Taylor Swift's eye makeup during the Lover era was characterized by soft, pastel hues. She often used shades like pale pink, lavender, and baby blues to create a dreamy and romantic vibe. These colours complemented the overall cheerful and colourful theme of the era.

The lashes during this era were long and fluttery but still maintained a natural appearance. They were key to achieving that romantic but cheerful look. 

  1. We would recommend our "Beach Time" criss-cross lashes with length. These wispy lashes are a perfect combination of clean and vibrant, making it a great choice for Lover-inspired makeup.
  2. Another great choice would be the Lets Play lashes, these are long and wispy, but blessed with weightless volume.
  3. Blink-of-an-eye false eyelashes are smooth and full lashes curved at the tip, a pair that we think would pair amazingly well for this look.

Folklore & Evermore Era

Folklore & Evermore Era

Taylor's music took a more indie-folk direction during these eras, and her makeup followed suit. The eye makeup look from Taylor Swift's Folklore and Evermore era exudes a sense of mystical and ethereal charm. These albums marked a departure from her pop sound, and her makeup followed suit, embracing a more natural and whimsical aesthetic.

The Folklore and Evermore era eye makeup leans heavily into soft, earthy tones. Shades of warm browns, taupes, and muted greens are prevalent. These colours are reminiscent of the rustic and natural themes found in the albums. To recreate Taylor Swift's delicate and wispy eye makeup look from the Folklore and Evermore era, choosing the right lashes is crucial. You'll want lashes that enhance your eyes without being overly voluminous or dramatic.

Here are some lash recommendations from Glance Cosmetics to achieve that graceful and fluttery appearance:

  1. Angel's Bite False Eyelashes: These lashes are perfect for achieving a graceful look. They provide a delicate and wispy effect, which aligns perfectly with the aesthetic of the Folklore and Evermore era. These lashes will enhance your eyes without overshadowing the natural charm of your eye makeup.
  2. Ma Cherie Lashes: If you're aiming for a natural enhancement that allows you to be subtle yet bold, the Ma Cherie lashes are an excellent choice. They strike the right balance between enhancing your lashes and maintaining a gentle, understated appearance.
  3. No Drama Lashes: As the name suggests, these lashes are all about subtlety. They are short and natural in design, offering a boost to your lashes without creating a dramatic effect. If you prefer a lighter touch and don't want too much volume, the No Drama lashes are a great fit.

Unlike the bold and dramatic smoky eyes of her previous eras, the Folklore and Evermore eye look features a subtle smokiness. It's more about enhancing the eyes' natural shape rather than creating high contrast. The Folklore and Evermore era eye makeup look captures the essence of a forest nymph or a character from a fairy tale. It's all about embracing the enchanting and mysterious aspects of nature.

Midnights Era

Midnights Era

The Midnights era brought a new level of mystique and sophistication to Taylor Swift's overall look, and her eye makeup was no exception. This era is all about embracing the dark and dreamy side of the night, with an emphasis on smoky eyes and sultry allure. The key to the Midnights era eye makeup look is to have lashes that are long, voluminous, and luxuriously dark.

In true Midnights fashion, Taylor's lashes were a focal point of her eye makeup. They were long, voluminous, and luxuriously dark. To recreate this look, consider using our lash set from Glance Cosmetics which offers dramatic volume and length without feeling heavy on your eyes. 

  1. Carmelita Lashes: If you're looking for long lashes that deliver a soft fluttery effect with just the right amount of fullness, Carmelita lashes from Glance Cosmetics are perfect for you. These lashes provide the length and volume needed to capture the essence of the Midnights era.
  2. Double Candy Lashes: For a cute little lash with a big personality, the Double Candy lashes are an excellent choice. These lashes offer a balance of volume and length, creating a captivating look that's going to make the whole place shimmer.
  3. Celestial Lashes: Glance Cosmetics' Celestial lashes are thicker with minimal length, making them ideal for thickening purposes. With their simple, tidy, and structured diamond pattern, they respect every eye shape while adding a subtle touch of glamour to your overall look. These lashes are perfect for achieving the Midnights era's dark and dreamy vibe.
  4. Individual Lashes: For those who want to add some extra darkness and thickness to their lashes, our individual lashes can be applied on top of your strip eyelashes. You can apply these individual lashes towards the outer corner of your eyes for a siren-like look or wear them sparsely along your first false lash to give it more thickness and drama, perfectly aligning with the Midnights era aesthetic.

Taylor's eye makeup during the Midnights era was characterized by intense smoky eyes that exuded a sense of mystery. The eyeshadow palette featured deep, rich shades like midnight blues, smoky greys, and velvety blacks. The key to this look is blending these shades seamlessly for a seamless gradient effect. Don't forget to apply mascara to your lower lashes. This helps balance the intensity of the top lashes and completes the alluring gaze. 

From Fearless to Midnights, with Glance Cosmetics 

We hope this journey through Taylor Swift's iconic Eras and their mesmerizing eye makeup looks has not only inspired you but also empowered you to recreate these styles with ease. At Glance Cosmetics, we believe that beauty should be both ethical and sustainable, which is why our lashes are crafted with care using natural human hair fibers, allowing you to make a statement of elegance and allure with every blink.

Eco-friendly and ethically crafted

Every pair of Glance Cosmetics lashes from our collection is carefully created with fibers sourced from natural human hair. These fibers are ethically sourced and carefully sterilized before being handwoven into a unique collection, exclusively for you. We take pride in staying true to our eco-friendly mission by not adding any unwanted adhesive to the lash strip and giving the wearer the choice of adhesive that suits comfort and skin type, ensuring a personalized and conscious beauty experience.

Dive into these iconic eras and explore your creativity by trying out these incredible eye makeup looks. Whether you're a die-hard Swiftie or simply looking to elevate your makeup game, these timeless styles offer a touch of magic that's hard to resist.

To make things even more exciting, share your recreated eye makeup looks on your favourite social media platforms to connect with fellow beauty enthusiasts and possibly be featured on Glance Cosmetics' official pages on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. We can't wait to see your unique interpretations and celebrate your passion for both beauty and music!

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