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Kylie Jenner is all the rage now...what about her Lash game? - Eyelashes Guide for UAE 2023


The Kylie Jenner Phenomenon

Kylie Jenner has had a significant impact on popular culture, notably in the areas of beauty, fashion, and social media. After leaving "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," Kylie quickly made the switch to the beauty world, utilizing her social media following and personal brand to build a highly successful cosmetics company. 

She has captivated the attention of millions of people worldwide thanks to her unique makeup style, which includes her signature pout and mesmerizing eye looks. She has also redefined beauty standards. The Kylie Jenner phenomenon highlights her extraordinary capacity to influence and reimagine contemporary beauty trends, having a tremendous impact on the beauty industry. 

The Ultimate Guide To Achieving Kylie-Lashes 

In 2023, take your lash game to the next level, with the ultimate guide to achieving stunning lashes, a pursuit that continues to dominate the beauty routines of every lash-lover in the UAE. Whether you're going for a subtle, natural look or a big, dramatic look, this guide is your go-to resource for unlocking gorgeous lashes that are bound to turn heads and spark conversations. 

Emirati women, just like global beauty icon Kylie Jenner, understand the transformative power of stunning eyelashes. This guide is your passport to achieving lashes that rival even Kylie's, ensuring you'll be turning heads and setting trends across the UAE beauty scene.

What Differentiates Kylie Jenner's Eyelashes? 

Kylie Jenner’s eyelashes stand out for a variety of reasons, all of which contribute to her unique and alluring eyes. These components have inspired beauty trends all across the world and have helped create her unique style. 

Kylie Jenner is known for her versatile makeup styles that range from bold and dramatic to natural and understated. Some of her most famous makeup looks include:

  1. Smokey Eyes: She's been spotted rocking sultry and smudged smokey-eye looks, which emphasize her eyes and add a touch of mystery.
  2. Neutral Glam: Kylie also opts for more neutral, earth-toned eyeshadows paired with a nude lip for a classic, polished look.
  3. Natural Beauty: Kylie occasionally embraces a natural makeup look, showcasing her flawless complexion with minimal makeup and a nude lip.
  4. Dramatic Lashes: Her lashes are almost always a focal point. Whether achieved through mascara, falsies, or extensions, they add depth and drama to her looks.
  5. Monochromatic Looks: She occasionally opts for a monochromatic approach, where her eyeshadow, blush, and lip color all belong to the same color family, creating a harmonious and cohesive look.

These are just a few examples of Kylie Jenner's iconic makeup looks. Her ability to switch between various styles has contributed to her status as a trendsetter in the world of beauty and cosmetics.

Kylie's eye makeup mostly relies on premium falsies. She obtains a dramatic and voluminous eye look that draws attention to her eyes by selecting high-quality false eyelashes. She stands apart from others because of her choice of falsies, which were carefully chosen to go with her eye shape and cosmetic style. 

A Look Into Kylie's Iconic Eyelash Looks

Kylie Jenner's beauty journey has been punctuated by several iconic eyelash moments that define her mesmerizing and captivating gaze.  Let's delve into some of the standout eyelash moments that have become synonymous with Kylie's beauty legacy.

  1. The Wispy Glamour: One of Kylie's go-to looks is the wispy lash style. This involves using feathery, lightweight lashes that create a fluttery effect. It's perfect for a soft, romantic vibe and complements various makeup styles.
  2. The Bold and Dramatic: For special occasions and red-carpet events, Kylie often opts for a bold and dramatic lash look. These lashes are voluminous, and dense, and add a touch of intensity to her eyes, creating a captivating gaze that's hard to forget.
  3. The Natural Elegance: Even in her more understated moments, Kylie manages to make a statement with her lashes. She has a knack for choosing lashes that enhance her natural beauty, giving her a fresh, wide-eyed appearance that exudes effortless elegance.

These three iconic eyelash styles exemplify Kylie Jenner's versatility in the world of beauty. Whether it's a sultry, dramatic allure or a delicate, natural charm, her eyelash choices continue to inspire beauty enthusiasts worldwide.

From her striking red carpet appearances to her everyday looks, Kylie has showcased a diverse range of eyelash styles that define her signature aesthetic. These moments not only exemplify Kylie's prowess in the realm of beauty but have also contributed significantly to her enduring beauty legacy.

The Wispy Glamour  

Glance Cosmetics

To achieve Kylie Jenner's signature wispy lash look, start by selecting a pair of wispy, lightweight false eyelashes. We have a collection of wispy false eyelashes that range from simple designs to heavy, wispy designs. Our Sweet talk false eyelashes are full and voluminous, tapered towards the ends, with human hairs criss-crossed, best for achieving this look. 

Apply a thin layer of lash adhesive along the band and allow it to become tacky. Using a pair of tweezers, gently place the lashes as close to your natural lash line as possible. To seamlessly blend the falsies with your lashes, use a mascara wand to gently comb them together. 

The key here is to maintain a feathery, fluttery effect. For an added touch of glamour, consider using a volumizing mascara on your natural lashes before applying the falsies. This look is perfect for romantic evenings or when you want to exude a soft, feminine charm.

The Bold and Dramatic 

Glance Cosmetics

For a bold and dramatic lash look akin to Kylie's red carpet appearances, opt for a pair of dense, voluminous false lashes. These can instantly add intensity to your eyes. 

Check out our range of dramatic false eyelashes, with its intense drama and thickness, you can easily achieve a bold look. Apply a generous layer of lash adhesive along the band and wait for it to get tacky. Using tweezers, carefully place the lashes as close to your lash line as possible. 

To ensure a seamless blend, use a mascara wand to gently combine your natural lashes with the falsies. The result should be a captivating, gaze-enhancing effect. This lash style is perfect for special occasions or when you want to make a bold statement with your makeup.

The Natural Elegance

Glance Cosmetics

To achieve Kylie's natural and effortlessly elegant lash look, opt for lashes that enhance your own without overpowering them. Choose a pair of subtle, natural-looking false lashes from our wide selection, where you can find great options for achieving a casual, subtle look. 

Apply a light layer of lash adhesive and let it become tacky. Using tweezers, delicately place the lashes close to your natural lash line. Use a mascara wand to gently blend the false and natural lashes. This style provides a fresh, wide-eyed appearance that's perfect for daytime outings, casual gatherings, or when you want a more understated yet polished look.

Application Techniques

  1. Trim your false eyelashes to your desired length, ensuring they fit the shape and size of your eyes perfectly for a comfortable and natural-looking wear.
  2. Curl your natural lashes using an eyelash curler to widen your eyes, creating a more awake and lifted appearance that complements your falsies beautifully.
  3. Apply clear mascara (optional) to hold the curl in place, providing an extra layer of support for both your natural and false lashes, ensuring they stay in shape throughout the day.
  4. Using suitable glue of your choice, gently press the band of your falsies onto your lash line, starting from the inner corner and carefully securing them to the outer corner for a secure and seamless fit.
  5. Use a tiny bit of mascara to hold them together, blending your natural and false lashes seamlessly and ensuring they appear as one cohesive, stunning set.
  6. For the best coverage, apply mascara in a zigzag manner from the root to the tip of your lashes, ensuring every lash is evenly coated for a voluminous and defined look.
  7. To remove any clumps and achieve a glossy appearance, use a lash comb, gently separating your lashes to create a clean and polished finish that highlights the beauty of your eyes.

You can achieve gorgeous eyelashes that complement your style and capture the glamorous look by choosing from our range of false eyelashes, picking the appropriate products, practicing application techniques, and adhering to a continuous maintenance regimen.


Kylie Jenner has an indisputable impact on the beauty and cosmetics industries, and her distinctive eyelash style is a striking aspect of her makeup look. The eyelash industry is booming in the United Arab Emirates in 2023, and there are several options available to help you get the lashes of your dreams. The secret to having flawless lashes is selecting the appropriate products and giving them the care they need. 

Explore our selection of high-quality lash products at Glance Cosmetics today. Make your eyes pop, show off those gorgeous lashes, and prepare to shine with your very own Kylie-inspired look. Remember that quality and care are essential for getting the perfect eyelashes. 


  1. What procedures work best for beginners when putting on artificial eyelashes? 

Ans- Start by measuring and trimming the lashes to fit your eye shape when putting artificial eyelashes for the first time. The lash band should have a tiny coating of adhesive applied along it. To apply makeup precisely, use tweezers. Start at the inner corner and softly press the tool along the lash line.

  1. Is it okay to regularly use false eyelashes? 

Ans-  All our false eyelashes are 100% vegan and made from natural human hair fibers. You may use false eyelashes regularly, but make sure that you clean and store them properly after use. Removing your eyelashes carefully and without excessive rubbing is advised. 

  1. What eyelash adhesive is best for skin that is sensitive? 

Ans- Make sure the eyelash adhesive you use is devoid of formaldehyde and latex if you have sensitive skin. To reduce the chance of irritation, look for goods with "hypoallergenic" or "gentle" labels. Before applying, perform a patch test on your arm to make sure it is compatible. 

  1. What are the hottest eyelash fashions in the UAE in 2023? 

Ans- The most popular eyelash trends in the UAE for 2023 include a move towards fluttery, natural-looking lashes that draw attention to the eyes without coming across as overdone. Popular customizable lash designs include hybrid extensions that combine length and volume. Alternatives that are sustainable and cruelty-free, like imitation mink lashes, are also gaining popularity. 

Check out Glance Cosmetics for 100% vegan and cruelty-free false eyelashes, and pick your ffavoritefrom our wide selection. 

  1. How frequently should I change my fake lashes for the best hygiene? 

Ans- Consider replacing your fake eyelashes every three to four applications, or if you observe wear-related symptoms like loosening or buildup of makeup residue, to maintain the highest level of hygiene. They can live longer if you clean them frequently and store them correctly. Keep an eye out for any irritation or discomfort signals, and change them right away if necessary.

  1. How can I keep my fake lashes in good condition for long-term use? 

Ans-Applying and removing artificial eyelashes cautiously will ensure their continued use. To get rid of residue, clean them frequently with a mild, oil-free makeup remover. To keep them in shape, keep them out of moisture and direct sunshine in a special case. on avoid clumping, avoid applying mascara on fake lashes.

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