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False Eyelashes Top Picks in UAE 2023

False Eyelashes Top Picks in UAE 2023

What better way to accentuate your eyes than with an ideal set of artificial eyelashes? Eyes are often called the windows to the soul. It's crucial to stay on top of the latest trends in the United Arab Emirates, a country with strict beauty and fashion standards. 

This guide will introduce you to the world of false eyelash top picks and give you our selection of the best products in the UAE for 2023 from Glance Cosmetics. Our picks include a range of prices and styles, with something to suit every budget. We also include tips on how to apply fake eyelashes safely and how to apply mascara and eyeliner to get the most out of your look. 

The Beauty of False Eyelashes

False eyelashes have become a popular beauty item worldwide, especially in the United Arab Emirates. Your eyes instantly receive a dramatic upgrade from these soft, fluttery extensions, becoming an enticing center of attention on your face.

Faux eyelashes are popular because of their ability to lengthen, thicken, and give volume to your natural lashes. False eyelashes provide a limitless variety of looks, whether you like a soft, understated elegance for everyday wear or an aggressive, glitzy look for special occasions.

They are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes in a thriving cosmetic industry, from conventional strip lashes that need adhesive to cutting-edge magnetic eyelashes that rely on small magnets for attachment. Regardless of their eyelash ambitions, everyone can find the ideal pair of lashes thanks to this diversity.

Popular Eyelashes of 2023

Popular Eyelashes of 2023

With the rising popularity of eyelashes, the beauty industry has seen significant changes recently. In this section, we'll go more in-depth into the advantages of magnetic False eyelash top picks and introduce Glance Cosmetics as a pioneering company in this game-changing cosmetic trend, with a selection of false lashes designed to enhance your eye game.

Top Picks For Strip False Eyelashes

Glance Cosmetics is the go-to source for false eyelashes in the UAE, providing a curated range of premium eyelash looks to accommodate different tastes and situations. Our top false eyelash pairs are:

  1. Celestial Lashes: Ideal for individuals desiring a loud and glamorous style. Suitable for special occasions and events, these lashes make a statement with maximum volume and length. A bonus is that this false lash set can be used on any eye shape. 
  2. Let’s Play Lashes: These lashes are lightweight yet dramatic, and will be a beautiful addition to your everyday makeup look. This pair starts off short and feathers out towards the end, giving you a playful eye look. 
  3. Springtime Lashes - Add this pair to subtly elevate your natural lashes. Any makeup look is enhanced by these lashes and these can be worn by anyone- with any eye shape and size! Especially friendly on small eyes, this pair is best for enhancing your everyday look. 
  4. Blink Of An Eye False eyelashes- These lashes provide just the right amount of flair and refinement for partygoers and socialites, designed to dazzle on a spectacular night out.
  5. Magnifique Lashes- These wispy, thick, and long lashes were designed for a polished look that will make you look put-together all day long, these lashes effortlessly draw attention to your natural beauty by striking a balance between delicacy and refinement. 
  6. Sweet Talk Lashes: This pair has thick criss-cross lengths that will add volume to your look to make it killer! Perfect for a bold makeup look, or a night out with the girls. 
  7. Ma Chérie Lashes: These are perfect for adding drama to any eye shape, and the best part is that you can take it up another notch by stacking the lashes and applying them, which will make you look elegant and bold. 

With these excellent false eyelashes from Glance Cosmetics, you can achieve the ideal eye-catching look for any event while catering to a wide range of preferences. 

Top Picks For Individual False Eyelashes

Now more than ever, individual lashes seem to be in high demand. They can be spotted on A-list celebrities nowadays which can be a reason for the sudden increase of their popularity. 

We at Glance Cosmetics have the best, cruelty-free, and environment-friendly individual false lashes

  1. Individual Magic 1: With small clusters ranging from thin to thick intensity, you can use this set to amp up your eyes for any event or occasion. 
  2. Individual Magic 2: This set comes with two types of individual lashes, one that has thin volume and is in smaller clusters, and the other that ranges from thick to thin volume. All lashes are designed to have a knot at the ends so that they look seamless and polished when worn on your eyes. 
  3. Individual Magic 3: These individual lashes come in thick clusters of the same length. This set has the thickest false eyelash options than the other two sets, and you can use these in any way since you can cut them to control the thickness of the false lashes you want. 

Our Individual lashes can be used by all since they are designed to fit any eye shape, any look, and any occasion. These lashes are easy to apply and stay in place all day. They are also lightweight and comfortable to wear. Plus, they are reusable and will last for months with proper care. 

Individual false lashes offer several benefits for those looking to enhance their natural lashes:

  1. Customizable Look: Individual lashes allow for a customized appearance. You can choose the length, thickness, and style that complements your natural lashes and desired look. No matter the set you choose to buy, you can always cut them in half to reduce the thickness or stack them up to increase the thickness.
  2. Natural Appearance: They provide a more natural appearance compared to strip lashes, as they blend seamlessly with your own lashes. This creates a fuller, yet believable effect.
  3. Precise Application: With individual lashes, you have control over the placement and density. This guarantees a precise and customized application, enhancing your eye shape and features.
  4. Comfortable Wear: They tend to be more comfortable, as they are lighter and don't cover the entire lash line. This can make them feel more manageable compared to strip lashes.
  5. Less Damage to Natural Lashes: When applied correctly and removed with care, individual lashes are less likely to cause damage to your natural lashes compared to strip lashes.

The best part of individual lashes is that you can use them on top of strip lashes as well, in whatever way you want, to achieve your desired eye look. 

Application and Care Tips

It's necessary to understand how to apply and take care of magnetic eyelashes properly if you're going to get the most out of them. 

  1. Start by ensuring that the eyelashes are completely dry before application.
  2. Apply glue evenly to both the upper and lower lash lines and wait a few seconds for it to dry.
  3. Gently press the eyelashes onto your eyelids and hold them in place for about 30 seconds.
  4. Once the eyelashes are in place, you can apply mascara over the top of them.
  5. Avoid tugging or pulling on the lashes as this can cause them to become damaged.
  6. Finally, store the eyelashes in the original packaging to keep them in good condition.

Remember that false eyelashes are delicate and should be handled with care. They should also be kept away from moisture and heat, which can cause the glue bond to weaken. Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential for keeping your lashes looking their best.

Maintaining your False Eyelashes

To preserve the longevity of your artificial eyelashes, proper maintenance is necessary. Maintaining your lashes properly will not only help you save money but also keep them looking gorgeous. 

Store your lashes in a dry, secure place away from direct sunlight. Clean your lashes regularly with a soft cloth or a makeup remover. Keep them away from water and don't use oil or alcohol-based products on them. Avoid pulling or tugging on the lashes, as this can damage them.

Finally, don't forget to replace them when they get worn out. Regular eyelash extensions should be done to keep your lashes looking full and lush. Wearing mascara can also help to lengthen and thicken your lashes. Finally, make sure to moisturize your false lashes top picks with a nourishing oil or serum to keep them healthy and hydrated. Avoid using harsh products or tools, as this can damage your lashes.


Improve your glam skills now because those fluttery lashes are waiting!

The eyelash industry continues to thrive in 2023, with an extensive selection of alternatives to fit every style and inclination. There is no doubting the transformational impact of a carefully chosen set of fake eyelashes, whether you pick classic artificial eyelashes or opt for magnetic lashes. 

False eyelashes are an increasingly popular choice for many women, with more and more options becoming available. They are the perfect way to add a glamorous touch to any look, whether you're going for a natural daytime look or a dramatic evening look.

With our top recommendations from Glance Cosmetics and professional guidance, you are now prepared to enchant and charm with your alluring stare. Improve your glam skills now because those fluttery lashes are waiting!

With a focus on magnetic eyelashes by Glance Cosmetics, we've covered everything you need to know about artificial eyelashes in the UAE in 2023 in this thorough guide. We hope this blog has been educational and inspirational on your road to elegance, whether you're an experienced lash fanatic or a novice looking to try something new.


1. Are false eyelashes safe for my eyes?

While properly and cautiously applied, fake eyelashes are typically safe for your eyes. High-quality materials, good hygiene, and avoiding away from lash adhesives with hazardous ingredients are all crucial. Consider hypoallergenic lash choices if you have sensitive eyes or allergies, and seek advice from a professional if necessary.

2. Can I wear false eyelashes every day?

Although it is conceivable, wearing false eyelashes every day is not advised. The eyelashes may become damaged or fragile from repeated use. Choose lightweight, realistic lashes, maintain good hygiene, and give your natural lashes time to recuperate to reduce hazards. Always take them out gently to protect your eyelids and lashes.

3. How do I choose the right style of false eyelashes for my eye shape?

Choose fake eyelashes that go well with the form of your eyes. Most looks suit eyes with an almond shape. Longer middle lashes are better for eyes with hoods. Deep-set eyes can choose edgy, winged hairstyles. Lashes with lengthy ends look good with round eyes. If you need help with choosing eyelashes for your eye shape, check out our guide!

4. What's the difference between synthetic and mink eyelashes?

Man-made materials are used to make synthetic eyelashes, which offer an extensive range of styles at low costs. Genuine mink fur is used to make mink eyelashes, which have a natural appearance, are velvety, and feel lightweight. However, they are usually more expensive and may not be cruelty - free. You dont have to worry about shopping with us, since all false eyelashes from Glance cosmetics are made from 100% ethically sources human hair fibers that are sterilized and produced without cruelty, or harmful additives! 

5. How do I clean and maintain my false eyelashes?

Use tweezers to carefully remove any remaining glue before soaking artificial eyelashes in warm, soapy water to clean them. After cleaning off any debris and mascara with a soft brush, rinse and wipe the area dry. To keep the shape and reusability of your eyelashes, store them in a tidy case.

6. Can I wear false eyelashes with glasses?

Yes, you can wear glasses and fake eyelashes. To avoid interference, use lashes that are shorter or more natural-looking. Ensure that your eyewear rests comfortably on the bridge of the nose and is not pressed up on your lashes. Your gorgeous lashes and spectacles can coexist harmoniously if you make arrangements to ensure they are securely adjusted to fit.

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