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Unveiling the Allure of Trouble Maker, Beach Time & Bellezza

Unveiling the Allure of Trouble Maker, Beach Time & Bellezza

When it comes to eyelashes, Glance Cosmetics is a name that sticks out when it comes to upping your glam game. Through our amazing variety of vegan eyelashes, we can say that we’ve revolutionized how women express their individuality and creativity. The outstanding quality and careful artistry that go into each pair of eyelashes from Glance Cosmetics are just two of its many appealing features.

Because we recognize that every woman is different, we at Glance Cosmetics have an extensive range of vegan eyelashes that fit everyone’s tastes and trends. Whether you're opting for bold and dramatic lashes or natural, everyday lashes, Glance Cosmetics has the ideal pair of lashes to match your preferred aesthetic. 

Every set of vegan eyelashes is made of high-quality, ethically sourced human hair fibers, guaranteeing a comfortable and lightweight fit. It’ll feel like your own lashes have seamlessly blended in with lashes because they are lovingly designed to suit every eye shape. For more help with choosing lashes according to your facial features, check out our eye-shape guide to know more. 

Why wearing false eyelashes can dramatically enhance your look?

Glance Cosmetics

False eyelashes are revolutionizing the beauty and glamour industry. It's understandable why beauty enthusiasts and pros alike have come to love them—their ability to swiftly modify your look and add a hint of charm.

The ability of fake eyelashes to accentuate the inherent attractiveness of your eyes is one of the key reasons because they are revolutionary. False eyelashes may instantly give you the gorgeous flutter you want, regardless of whether you have short, sparse lashes or you simply want to add more volume and length. They produce a striking impact that defines and undoubtedly captures your gaze. 

The simplicity of applying eyelashes is another factor in their rising popularity. Applying eyelashes may become a seamless part of your cosmetic regimen with little experience and the appropriate techniques, even though they may appear scary initially. Whether you choose individual lashes or a strip set, the transformational effect is well worth the work. 

In little time to no time at all, you'll start to feel more self-assured and look gorgeous in our vegan lashes!

Vegan eyelashes from Glance Cosmetics 

A wide range of vegan eyelashes from Glance Cosmetics are available to increase your glamour profile and improve your makeup looks. Glance Cosmetics provides the ideal set of fake eyelashes that you, whether your goal is a dramatic, show-stopping impact or a natural, everyday look.

  1. Strip Eyelashes: Glance Cosmetics' natural lashes are your best bet if you like a more subdued appearance. These lashes are made to match your natural lashes perfectly, giving you a more defined, fuller look without being unduly dramatic. They are ideal for people who are new to using artificial eyelashes or for injecting some flair into their regular cosmetic regimen.
  2. Individual Lashes: These are a must-try for anyone looking to make a statement and glam up their eyes. These lashes are made to give them more length and density, giving you a dramatic, voluminous look. They are ideal for parties, special events, or any time you want to leave a lasting impression.
  3. Natural Vegan eyelashes: Elevate your everyday makeup routine with Glance Cosmetics' natural lashes. Designed to mimic the appearance of real lashes, these falsies add subtle volume and definition, perfect for achieving a polished and effortless look. Check out the collection and find your favorite pair! 
  4. Wedding Special Lashes: Glance Cosmetics offers dramatic lashes that are ideal for creating your favorite look for your special day. These lashes have a bolder, more striking appearance due to their longer, fuller lashes with more dramatic, extravagant patterns. These are perfect for when you want to steal the spotlight or have a polished, natural look.

Glance Cosmetics' eyelashes are skillfully made with great precision and attention to detail, no matter which type you choose. Because they are made from natural human hair fibers, you can be sure they will blend in seamlessly with your natural lashes and be comfortable.

How to pick the ideal eyelashes for your desired look and eye shape?

False eyelashes have the power to significantly boost your glamour game. However, with so many alternatives on the market, selecting the ideal pair of artificial eyelashes can occasionally feel daunting. Do not worry; we have put up a few guidelines to assist you in choosing the best vegan eyelashes for your desired appearance and eye shape!

  1. Find out the form of your eyes: When choosing false eyelashes, it's essential to know the form of your eyes. There are several different eye forms, such as upturned, downturned, almond, round, hooded, and monolid. Different lash styles are needed for each form to highlight and enhance its distinctive features.
  2. Think about the look you want: Here are many different types of false eyelashes, from dramatic and voluminous to natural and wispy. Consider the style you want to go for. Are you going for a classy, statement-making appearance for special occasions or something more subdued for daily wear? This will assist in reducing the number of lashes that you can choose from and match your tastes.
  3. Length and thickness: The lengths and thicknesses of false eyelashes vary. While lighter and shorter lashes give a more natural appearance, longer and thicker lashes typically produce a more dramatic impact. Choose the appropriate lash length and thickness with the occasion and your comfort level into account.
  4. Pay close attention to the lash band: It's vital to pay attention to the lash band to ensure easy application and comfortable wear. Choose a lash band that is lightweight, flexible, and easily conforms to the shape of your eyes. Steer clear of large or rigid bands that could look out of place or create pain. 

Good thing that all of our vegan lashes are made with flexible bands that make them all easy to use! If you still find it hard to use the lashes for the first time, we suggest that you head on over to our eye shape guide to get more information on how to choose your favorite lashes according to your eye shape. 

How to apply false eyelashes?

Beginners may find applying false eyelashes difficult, but with the correct method and a little experience, you'll be able to easily up your glamour game. To get immaculate and stunning lashes using Glance Cosmetics' artificial eyelashes, follow this step-by-step tutorial.

  1. Get your natural lashes ready: Apply a layer of mascara and curl your natural lashes first. As a result, the artificial lashes will have a strong foundation to stick to and will blend in perfectly with your natural lashes.
  2. The false lashes should be measured and trimmed by gently removing them from the packaging and holding them up to your lash line. With an appropriate fit, trim off any extra length from the outer corners. Always remember that it's preferable to start with less trimming and make changes as necessary.
  3. Apply lash glue: Spread lash adhesive evenly and thinly along the lash band. To guarantee better adherence, let the glue rest for a few seconds to get sticky.
  4. Positioning the lashes: Using tweezers or a lash applicator, carefully place the false lashes as close to your natural lash line as possible. Start from the inner corner and press gently along the entire lash band, ensuring it is secure and properly aligned.
  5. Blending the lashes: Once the false lashes are in place, use your fingers or a clean spoolie brush to gently press them against your natural lashes. This will help blend the two lashes seamlessly.
  1. Finishing touches: To further enhance the look, apply another coat of mascara to fuse your natural lashes with the false lashes. This will create a unified and voluminous effect.
  2. Removing the false lashes: At the end of the day, gently peel off the false lashes starting from the outer corner, and moving inwards. Be careful not to pull too hard to avoid damaging your natural lashes.

With Glance Cosmetics' exceptional false lashes and this step-by-step guide, you'll have the confidence to experiment with different looks and enhance your glamour game. 

Remember, practice makes perfect, so don't be discouraged if it takes a few attempts to master the art of applying false eyelashes. Soon enough, you'll be effortlessly flaunting enchanting lashes that will leave everyone mesmerized!


Glance Cosmetics

If it comes to artificial eyelashes, Trouble Maker, Beach Time, and Bellezza are great choices for various tastes and situations. These vegan eyelashes will satisfy your need for drama, a natural beach-ready look, or an effortlessly stylish presence. Try different combinations of these styles to create unique looks, and use your eyes as a blank canvas to express yourself.

Look through our selection to discover the ideal false eyelashes for any situation. Unleash the magic of Trouble Maker, Beach Time, and Bellezza by visiting our online store right now!


  1. What is the average lifespan of fake eyelashes?

Ans- If taken care of properly, false eyelashes can persist for several applications. Our Lashes can be reused five to ten times, based on their usage and proper storage. 

  1. Are sensitive eyes a good fit for these fake eyelashes?

Ans- Yes, high-quality materials appropriate for delicate eyes are used in the creation of all three styles: Bellezza, Beach Time, and Trouble Maker. (And all of our other lashes!)

  1. Can I use mascara on top of these lashes?

Ans- You can apply mascara to your natural lashes before applying false eyelashes, though it's not necessary. To extend the life of the artificial lashes, avoid putting mascara directly on them.

  1. How can I take out fake eyelashes without breaking them?

Ans- To remove false eyelashes safely, put a warm, wet cotton pad on your eyes, then gently remove the lashes from the outer to the inner corner. Use a cotton swab with makeup remover to remove any remaining adhesive, and cleanse your face. (Bonus tip: Apply your eye cream for hydration.)

  1. Is it okay to wear false eyelashes to bed?

Ans- Sleeping with false eyelashes on is not advised since it might harm both the false lashes and your natural lashes. Before going to bed, take off your false eyelashes every time.

  1. How should fake eyelashes be cleaned?

Ans- Clean fake eyelashes by involving them in a gentle makeup remover or warm, soapy water. To carefully remove any remaining adhesive, use a cotton swab. Let them air dry before putting them away.

  1. Can I apply these lashes daily?

Ans- Indeed, Beach Time and Bellezza are especially suitable for daily usage, providing a stylish and organic appearance. Trouble Maker is ideal for formal events where you wish to look more dramatic.

  1. Is adhesive included with these false eyelashes?

Ans- Adhesive is not included with our false eyelashes. We believe that the choice should be up to you to be able to find an adhesive that is best suited for your eye conditions and environment. 

  1. Can I trim false eyelashes to match the shape of my eyes?

Ans- It is possible to cut fake eyelashes to better suit your eye shape. To get the desired look, trim from the outer edge using small, sharp scissors and gradually modify the length.

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