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Creating Iconic Looks with Sugar Rush and MA CHÉRIE in the UAE's Fashion Scene - Glance Cosmetics

A revolution is happening in the center of the United Arab Emirates, where tradition and modernity collide with fashion. Sugar Rush and MA CHÉRIE lashes, two of Glance Cosmetics' most alluring products, are being released to redefine classic styles that complement the dynamic UAE fashion landscape. We set out on a trip to investigate the magic of these cosmetics and how they might elevate your style to genuinely exceptional levels in this article.

The Soul of Fashion in the United Arab Emirates

The fashion landscape in the United Arab Emirates portrays the dynamic blend of heritage and modernity with unprecedented grace since the country lies at the crossroads of both. UAE fashion, which has its roots in a diverse range of civilizations, is a celebration of variety, incorporating modern and traditional aspects that work together to create a singular, alluring look.

The luxurious abayas, or flowing robes worn by ladies, are the focal point of UAE fashion. These clothes represent more than just style; they are an elegant and proud ethnic representation. Each abaya is a unique piece of art due to the wide variety of designs, elaborate stitching, and opulent fabrics that are used to embellish them. Designers give traditional abaya styles a contemporary spin, staying true to the fashion industry's constant evolution while continuing to embrace tradition and pushing the envelope of originality.

The UAE's fashion scene, however, goes beyond the conventional, allowing for contemporary streetwear that reflects the multicultural vibe of places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Urban stylists skilfully combine international trends with regional sensitivities as they maneuver through the busy streets decked out in the newest fashions. It is not unusual to see the blending of modern silhouettes with traditional Arabic motifs to create a distinctive look that embodies the era.

The ability of UAE fashion to blend contemporary and tradition harmoniously serves as what makes it so remarkable. This fusion includes lifestyle options, accessories, and beauty alongside apparel. Men experiment with contemporary takes on traditional wear, but women wear stylish abayas with cutting-edge ornaments, illustrating a culture that isn't scared to embrace change while still honoring its traditions. Glance Cosmetics presents Sugar Rush and MA CHÉRIE, two products that are designed to enhance and compliment the iconic looks currently coming out of the UAE fashion situation, in this kaleidoscope of style.

These cosmetics are more than just a means of expressing oneself; they are the spark that ignites the rich tapestry of UAE fashion into a work of art that captures the romance of the past while embracing the promise of the present.

Sugar Rush: A Lash Journey

Forget uncomfortable false eyelashes; Sugar Rush lashes, the crown jewel of Glance Cosmetics' lash collection—a pair of dreamy lashes that perfectly helps you capture the essence of the United Arab Emirates. These aren't just makeup tools; they're gateways to captivating looks.

They adapt to every event, moving from bold and glamorous to natural and sophisticated. But Sugar Rush isn't limited to the dazzling metropolis. Whether you're attending a casual brunch or an elegant evening event, Sugar Rush offers lashes that effortlessly transition from day to night, reflecting the natural flow of the magical Emirates.

Sugar Rush empowers beauty enthusiasts to create captivating eye looks, from subtle elegance to the electric pulse of the city. Dive into the mysteries of a night out under Dubai's sparkling lights with our dramatic, voluminous lashes, each one designed to perfectly frame your eyes and capture attention.

As you explore the diverse styles in our collection, you'll be transported to the heart of the Emirates, where ever-changing landscapes inspire unforgettable experiences.

Mastering their application unlocks captivating looks, from subtle elegance to vibrant city nights. This guide empowers you to become your own lash artist, effortlessly transitioning from dreamy days to seductive evenings.

Step 1: Prep & Prime

Before diving into lashes, create a smooth canvas. Gently cleanse your lashes and apply a thin layer of mascara to enhance natural volume and grip. Let the mascara dry completely to avoid clumps.

Step 2: Choose Your Adventure

Sugar Rush offers a spectrum of styles for every mood. Opt for a natural lash look for daytime outings, or embrace bold, dark lashes for a dramatic evening look. Consider your eye shape and desired intensity when making your choice.

Step 3: Embrace the Curve

For a seamless blend, gently bend the Sugar Rush lash band against your lash line to mimic its natural curve. Hold the lash against your eye to measure and trim if needed. Remember, shorter is better than too long!

Step 4: Apply the Adhesive Magic

Apply a thin line of your eyelash adhesive along the band, focusing on the center and outer corners. Wait 30 seconds for the adhesive to become slightly tacky before applying.

Step 5: Lash On, Queen!

Using tweezers or your fingers, carefully center the lash band as close to your natural lash line as possible. Press gently for 10-15 seconds to secure the lash.

Step 6: Refine & Define

Use the tweezers to adjust any gaps or unevenness. Fill in sparse areas with individual lashes for extra oomph. Apply eyeliner and mascara to seamlessly blend your natural lashes with Sugar Rush.

Bonus Tips:

  1. For extra staying power, apply a thin layer of clear mascara over the lash band after application.
  2. Experiment with layering in different for unique, customized looks. You can layer with any other favorite lash or use a trimmed part - apply to the outer ends of the eyes to achieve that dreamy siren eyes look! 
  3. Remember, practice makes perfect! Don't be discouraged if your first attempt isn't flawless. Keep practicing, and you'll be a lash pro in no time.

The Allure of Lashes by MA CHÉRIE


Without the ideal framing, no makeup look is iconic, and that's where MA CHÉRIE lashes shine. In this section, the captivating world of MA CHÉRIE is explored, and a line of lashes intended to give any style an irresistible dash of drama and grace is unveiled.

MA CHÉRIE lashes are the epitome of adaptability, providing a variety of designs to suit every aspect of beauty, from everyday sophistication to exceptional occasions. MA CHÉRIE offers a range of natural lashes for individuals who want to accentuate their natural beauty. These expertly made lashes give off a faint yet alluring charm that goes well with a daytime look.

But when the situation calls for a little extravagance, MA CHÉRIE goes above and beyond. Bold, voluminous lashes that are sure to turn heads at glitzy gatherings are featured in this collection. These lashes are more than only a decorative piece; they're a statement that exudes confidence and style. MA CHÉRIE's dedication to fulfilling the many demands of its users is what makes it unique. The section walks readers through the selection process and helps them find lashes that suit their occasion's requirements and their unique personality. MA CHÉRIE offers lashes that effortlessly improve every appearance, whether for a big soirée under the glittering city lights or a laid-back day exploring the bustling marketplaces of the UAE.

When applied by cosmetics lovers, MA CHÉRIE lashes provide the last touch, turning a makeup routine into a work of art. Discover the charm of MA CHÉRIE, where eyelashes are more than simply accessories; they're statements of uniqueness, self-assurance, and the unmatched beauty of a well-framed gaze.


Within the fashion world of the United Arab Emirates, Sugar Rush and MA CHÉRIE lash stand out as essential accessories for creating standout ensembles. One mesmerizing glance at a time, uplift your beauty regimen and appreciate the charm of the Emirates. Glance Cosmetics creates a visual symphony that reflects the grandeur of the United Arab Emirates, inviting you to immerse yourself in the beauty of heritage and contemporary.

Discover the enchantment of MA CHÉRIE and Sugar Rush lashes now. Shop the collection and start your path to iconic beauty by visiting our website.


  1. Is Sugar Rush suitable for daytime and evening looks?

A: Definitely! Sugar Rush can be used for both elegant evening looks and more subdued daytime ensembles. You can style Glance Cosmetics’ vegan lashes in any way. 

  1. Are MA CHÉRIE eyelashes appropriate for novices?

A: Yes, MA CHÉRIE lashes are made to be applied easily, and the unlimited ways in which you can style them is a feature that suits both novices and seasoned lash users.

  1. What is the duration of MA CHÉRIE lashes?

A: MA CHÉRIE lashes can be reused multiple times provided they are well cared for. Observe our maintenance guidelines to guarantee durability.

  1. Are the goods made by Glance Cosmetics cruelty-free?

A: Glance Cosmetics is dedicated to using non-cruel methods. We don't test our products on animals. Rest assured that we are 100% cruelty-free! 

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