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Candy Girl and Sugar Rush: The Perfect Lashes for Every UAE Wedding- Glance Cosmetics

Candy Girl and Sugar Rush: The Perfect Lashes for Every UAE Wedding- Glance Cosmetics

The UAE pays unmatched attention to detail at weddings, particularly about the bride's appearance. All brides dream of an impeccable look that captures either their flair or the diversity of the local culture. 

In this article, we will explore the wonderful world of eyelashes, emphasizing two outstanding options: Candy Girl and Sugar Rush. These lashes are more than simply accessories; they are necessary components that can change how you look and highlight your attractiveness in any wedding style from the United Arab Emirates.

The Essence of UAE Weddings

Weddings in the UAE are renowned for their richness and diversity, which reflects the diverse customs and blending of cultures. The bride's beauty is the focal point of any event, whether it's a modern fusion wedding, a lavish Arabic-style wedding, or a traditional Emirati celebration. Tailored bridal looks are essential to match the intricate details of these weddings, and eyelashes are an integral part of this customization.

Candy Girl: The Epitome of Glance Cosmetics Elegance

Glance Cosmetics

Revealing the Beauty: Candy Girl vegan lashes are made for the bride who wants a look that seamlessly combines elegance and simplicity. With their beautiful, natural length, these lashes accentuate the eyes with a delicate, fluttery impression that doesn't overshadow the entire appearance. Candy Girl's beautiful crisscross pattern lends a romantic touch, making it the perfect choice for a traditional Emirati wedding.

Made for Comfort: Candy Girl lashes' lightweight construction is one of its primary characteristics. Comfort is essential, particularly during extended wedding rituals and festivities. The bride can wear the lashes comfortably all day and into the evening because they are expertly designed to give the impression that they are weightless. A bride with comfortable lashes is joyful and self-assured, prepared to enjoy every second of her big day.

Versatility Across Wedding Styles: Given their versatility, Candy Girl lashes can be worn in several wedding styles. These lashes fit every kind of event perfectly, be it a modern Western wedding, a lavish celebration with an Arabic theme, or a traditional henna ceremony. Candy Girl is a timeless option for any UAE wedding because of its versatility in enhancing the bride's inherent attractiveness.

Sugar Rush: A Dash of Glamour for Every Celebration

Glance Cosmetics

Elegant Flutter: Sugar Rush eyelashes are ideal for the bride who wishes to draw attention to her eyes. Bold and modern bridal looks would look great with these lashes because of their dramatic length and volume, which provide a dazzling accent. Sugar Rush is the preferred option for brides who wish to stand out because of its multi-layered, feathery look, which produces a seductive attraction.

Long-lasting Allure: Sugar Rush lashes are not just glamorous—they're also long-lasting. Because they are made of premium materials, these lashes keep their attractiveness and form during the wedding festivities. Sugar Rush lashes hold up through all the emotional vow exchanges and exuberant dances during the reception, making the bride appear stunning from start to finish.

Adaptable Extravagance: Sugar Rush lashes are the height of luxury, yet they are also remarkably versatile. These lashes are a perfect complement for a wide range of wedding themes, from lavish vacation parties to contemporary luxury nuptials. Its versatility comes from its capacity to amplify the bride's audacity and self-assurance, which makes Sugar Rush an excellent choice for brides who wish to leave a memorable impression.

Choosing Between Candy Girl and Sugar Rush: A Personal Affair

Complementing Personal Style: In the long run, personal style will determine which of Candy Girl and Sugar Rush is best. Sugar Rush is for brides who want to make a big, glitzy statement, while Candy Girl is for brides who prefer a more understated, traditional style. When choosing the lashes that will accentuate your natural beauty and give you confidence on your special day, it's important to know your style.

A Thought for Your Wedding Theme: When you are deciding between Candy Girl and Sugar Rush for your wedding makeup, it's important to consider the theme of your wedding. Candy Girl provides a contemporary and luxurious touch, so go for it if you are planning on a big, fairytale-esque wedding! 

On the other hand, Sugar Rush is a pair that will give you a more natural look, one that would be perfect for an intimate wedding celebration attended by the closest of your loved ones. Choosing eyelashes that complement the theme of your wedding ensures a cohesive and polished bridal look.

Tips for Application and Maintenance

Professional Application: Consider getting a professional lash application for the best outcomes. Candy Girl or Sugar Rush lashes can be carefully applied to suit your style and the particular requirements of your wedding by makeup artists who specialize in bridal looks.

Waterproof Adhesive: Use a waterproof adhesive, especially during the emotional parts of a wedding. This assures a flawless, long-lasting appearance throughout the festivities and keeps your lashes in place—even during those teary-eyed times.

Gentle Removal: Make sure to use a gentle removal method when it's time to say goodbye to your lashes. To retain the integrity of your lashes as a treasured keepsake for your big day, use warm water or a specialized lash adhesive remover.

Gently clean: To maintain the finest possible appearance, fake eyelashes have to be cleaned properly, just like the real thing. If any mascara or eyeliner has gotten on the lashes, use micellar water or a mild eye makeup remover to remove it. Be careful not to rub or tug it too hard; gently run a cotton pad dipped in the remover down the lash band and individual lashes.

You can have a comfortable, natural-looking artificial eyelash application that brightens your eyes and gives you more confidence with these tips and tactics. Try out a few different looks from our collection, such as Trouble Maker, Beach Time, and Bellezza, or check out our specially curated wedding-inspired vegan eyelash collection, and achieve your ideal appearance and effortlessly flaunt those gorgeous lashes.

A Fluttering Finale

Every little element weaves into the vast tapestry of a UAE wedding, adding to the overall impression of festivity and elegance. With their unique features, Candy Girl and Sugar Rush lashes offer brides the chance to customize their look exactly how they want it. 

Whether you choose the understated allure of Candy Girl or the striking splendor of Sugar Rush, your lashes will undoubtedly have a significant role in making you feel like the most attractive version of yourself on your wedding day.

Boost Your Bridal Beauty Right Now! Get Sugar Rush and Candy Girl lashes at Glance Cosmetics. So, as you set out on your path to married bliss, let your eyes convey a tale of grace, self-assurance, and uniqueness with Candy Girl and Sugar Rush lashes—the ideal allies for every kind of UAE wedding. These vegan eyelashes are perfect for creating a dramatic, romantic, or natural appearance.

So go ahead, try to show some new looks, and use these stunning false eyelashes to bring out your inner beauty. Get ready to steal the show with just one glance!


Q 1: Are Candy Girl and Sugar Rush lashes reusable?

Ans: Absolutely, both lash types are made from premium materials that will last for many uses.

It's essential to think about longevity when investing in bridal beauty. Sugar Rush and Candy Girl lashes are made with longevity in mind. Because these lashes are made of high-quality materials, they can be reused, which makes them an affordable option for brides who wish to save the memories of their big day.

Q 2: Can I apply these lashes myself, or do I need a professional makeup artist?

Ans: Both lashes come with easy-to-follow instructions for application for at-home use, but professional application guarantees the best results.

We are aware that not every bride has a personal entourage of beauty. Do not be alarmed! Application instructions for Candy Girl and Sugar Rush lashes are comprehensive and easy to apply. You may become your beauty expert by mastering the professional appearance with enough perseverance and practice.

Q 3: Are these lashes suitable for sensitive eyes?

Ans: Unquestionably. Sugar Rush and Candy Girl lashes are kind to delicate eyes and hypoallergenic.

Comfort should never be sacrificed for bridal beauty. Because these lashes are made of hypoallergenic materials, even brides with sensitive eyes are going to be able to enjoy the splendor without experiencing any irritation. These lashes emphasize your comfort and joy because your wedding day should be about both.

Q 4: Can I wear these lashes with glasses?

Ans: Finding the ideal lashes can be difficult for brides who wear glasses. If you decide to ditch the glasses and go for contact lenses on your special day, then you can confidently choose to wear Candy Girl or Sugar Rush lashes. Otherwise, you may have to trim the lashes according to your glasses. 

Q 5: How long do these lashes last?

Ans: These lashes are reasonably priced and can last up to 20 applications with good care.

Brides frequently ponder how long their beauty investments will last. Candy Girl and Sugar Rush lashes provide an astounding 20 uses when taken care of properly, which includes careful removal and cleaning after each usage. Ensuring your appearance on your wedding day and other important occasions in the future is ensured by doing this.

Q 6: Are Candy Girl lashes better for daytime weddings?

Ans: Candy Girl lashes provide a more understated appearance and are ideal for events held throughout the day.

Weddings throughout the day require a more subtle elegance. Candy Girl lashes give off a modest yet glam appearance that goes well with the mild daylight thanks to their delicate crisscross design. Your wedding during the day will be a vision of eternal beauty since your eyes will dazzle without taking center stage.

Q 7: Do these lashes come in different lengths?

Ans- The usual length of Candy Girl and Sugar Rush lashes fits a wide range of eye shapes.

Both types are made in a uniform length that fits the majority of eye forms, making the process of choosing lashes simpler. This guarantees that these lashes will exquisitely accentuate your natural features, regardless of whether you have almond-shaped, round, or hooded eyes.

Q 8: Can I wear these lashes without any other makeup?

Ans: The purpose of Glance Cosmetics vegan eyelashes is to accentuate your inherent beauty, even if you’re not wearing any makeup! The adaptability of Candy Girl and Sugar Rush lashes is part of what makes them so beautiful. 

They are meant to bring out your inherent beauty in addition to flawlessly matching an elaborate bridal makeup look. These lashes easily fit your style, whether you like a full face of makeup or a more understated look.

Q 9: Are these lashes cruelty-free?

Ans: Yes, the false lashes from Candy Girl and Sugar Rush are made responsibly and without cruelty. Sugar Rush and Candy Girl lashes, and all of our other lashes are proudly cruelty-free, so you can choose beauty products that reflect your morals. Having the knowledge that no animal companions suffered damage, you can proudly fluff your lashes.

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